Pick of the Precinct | Fish Lane

By Gabbi Johnston
20th Jan 2016

Fish Lane South Brisbane

South Brisbane’s most eclectic laneway, Fish Lane, has something for everyone, yet often slips under the radar of commuters and theatre goers. The lane stretches along six blocks, yet its residents find themselves skilfully setting up shop in some of the most minute nooks between and underneath the surrounding buildings.

Unsurprisingly, Fish Lane has no relation to fish or seafood (although the Squid Ink Linguini with Fresh Crab from Fish Lane Bistro  is highly recommended!). In fact, Fish Lane was originally Soda Water Lane until it was rechristened Fish Lane in 1904 after a South Brisbane Alderman. Since then, the lane has seen many restaurants, cafes and bars come and go and get renovated and change names. The ever-adapting laneway is now home to some of the most popular bars in South Brisbane and offers a fine dining experience for those who know its whereabouts.

Heading down Fish Lane can seem somewhat daunting for the newcomer, as both vehicles and pedestrians share the lane, but it is well worth the venture. Drinks, coffee, breakfast, pizza, or a fancy dinner for two is all right there on your doorstep.

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Fish Lane Bistro 

An extension of Fish Lane’s neighbouring The Fox Hotel, Fish Lane Bistro boasts a menu of fine dining, tapas and fancy cocktails to satisfy anyone’s needs. Whether you’re meeting for pre-drinks before heading up for a Soho Sunday Sesh or it’s date night, Fish Lane Bistro is a hidden gem for everyone.

Julius Pizzeria 

Ever wanted genuine Italian pizza without having to buy a ticket to Rome? Julius Pizzeria is here to save you your airfare by producing some of the best pizza in Brisbane, with all the toppings you could ever want and more.

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Saccharomyces Beer Cafe 

Described as a Melbourne style bar in down a Brisbane style laneway, Saccharomyces Beer Cafe is the newest addition to the Fish Lane family. With local beer and wines on tap, and an array of bar food and meals on offer from their kitchen, SBC is a beer hall inspired café that aims to bring good food, good drinks and good people together.


Maker is easy to miss but not easy to forget with its variety of local produce and Australia beer, wine and spirits. Its brooding, dark fit-out is barely big enough to entertain two dozen people, which means the service is first class, while the molecular, imaginative cocktail list does the rest.

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Fish Lane Creative Studies

Fish Lane Creative Studios is The Fox Hotel’s very own art and design studio gallery. Just a stone’s throw from GOMA and the Queensland Art Gallery, Fish Lane Creative Studios is South Brisbane’s latest focal point for culture and creativity.

Wandering Cooks

Wandering Cooks is the hub of the Brisbane food community, bringing artisan food producers, chefs, buyers, suppliers, educators and the food-loving public together. Hosting 12 pop-up event each month including the ever-popular, Thank Truck it’s Thursday food truck party, there’s always something delicious happening. 

Image credits: Ariana Gillrie, Daniel Maddock

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