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Smash Stuff With A Baseball Bat At This No-Holds-Barred Rage Cage In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
26th Jun 2020

A smashed tv

Sometimes Friday just seems like a long way away, and you’ve just gotta smash stuff before then, you know? Grab your baseball bat, because we’ve found the best way to beat those workplace blues away. 

Rage Cage in Highgate Hill is where you'll find a purpose-built smash cage, kitted out in safety gear. You take in a bat and a crate of old stuff—think crockery and electrical items, not to mention some creepy gnomes—then you let out any anger, pain or stress by smashing to smithereens anything within reach. It’s not rocket science, it’s destruction therapy and we bet you’ll leave on a massive high.  

You’ll pop on some protective gear and masks, and you know, break shit. It’s like A League of Their Own meets The Office meets that bit in Lemonade where Beyoncé shows those car windows what’s good. You can even bring your own stuff to destroy if you've got a reminder of an ex that's just asking to be whacked with a crowbar.

Only one person at a time is allowed in the rage cage (OH&S, ya know), but there's music in the cage, so you can Bluetooth your own heavy metal tunes. And we don’t envy whoever has to clean up the mess. Get all the details and book here.

Looking for a healthier way to de-stress? Maybe you should try meditating.

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