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We Check Out New Cali-Mex Restaurant, St Baxter | The Verdict

By Sophia McMeekin
8th Sep 2015

My love of a good margarita is limitless, so news of new Cali-Mex eatery, St Baxter opening its doors on Brunswick Street was music to my intoxicated ears.

And, yes, we know that news of a new American restaurant in Brisbane may not be cause for mass hysteria (not that you could get sick of them—I’ve still never met a chicken wing I didn’t like), but this new California Mexican hybrid is not plating up your run of the mill ‘Murican eats.

St Baxter’s menu is chockers with contrasting dishes from both sides of the boarder that are guaranteed to give you food envy if you make a misstep while ordering. Luckily, the team here have recognised that making patrons choose between buffalo wings and ceviche is like cruel and unusual torture so have plated everything on small and large share plates for your chowing pleasure.

The small plates are good mix of fresh and fatty. The kingfish ceviche was a crowd pleaser, and the fried chicken taco toed the line between Mexico and California like a pro. If grilled corn is your jam, you’re going to be loving this place. And what good Cali-Mex menu would be complete without a fish taco, which, at St Baxter, comes served with cactus, natch.

When it comes to mains, barbecue meats are firmly on the agenda here. Roast suckling pig with tamarind caramel and blood orange is designed to be wrapped in crunchy iceberg lettuce cups, like a deliciously meaty Mexican san choy bow. The low-and-slow beef brisket with onion rings also looked epic.

We had so much trouble choose a dessert we ordered all three (oink). Standouts were the chocolate and chilli brownies and the epic Dulce de leche ice cream sandwich with popcorn.

Working a casual vibe, St Baxter has the kind of beachside feels any Cali-inspired restaurant worth their salt should be rocking. This new Brisbane restaurant is also ideally positioned for pre-game drinks before hitting The Valley with your amigos.

Want the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find St Baxter on The Directory here!

image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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