We Check Out New Organic CBD Eatery, Pando Cafe

By AJ James
17th Jan 2015

I’m not one for venturing into the city. It’s a little too ‘busy’. Them city slickers walk ever so quickly, and with such intention to their direction. It’s brash and quick—and well, for someone who a) Isn’t a spatially aware person and b) Doesn’t do well in crowds—it’s really not my hub.

That said, I’m now making one tiny nook of the city a place I’ll willingly venture to. It’s 215 Adelaide Street to be precise, in the form of the brand spanking new eatery, Pando Café.

It’s calming, throws off those green and good for you vibes, and the staff are super lovely. The ‘mantra’ at this new Brisbane café is to transform organic and nutritious produce into healthy options their customers will enjoy. And savour in a welcoming and warm environment. I like.

And enjoy and savour you will. For this is a little oasis of calm, and one that’s far distinct from any of the other cafes you city slickers flock to. It’s almost like one of our favourite suburban cafes has snuck ever so silently into the CBD.

They’ve bought with them a menu that’s packed with super nutritious fare both for breakfast, lunch and those snack times that fall in between. The coffee is from Toby’s Estate and as you’d expect, is top notch.

For those who ‘hit the gym’ early before entering the office, they might take up a chair and chow through the kale, quark and chimichurri egg white omelette ($17). Along with the piece of sourdough, you’ll be powering on ‘til lunch. Or, for those who favour a lighter/sweeter dish, the pando seeds muesli will appease. At $16 we did think it a little on the expensive side, but considering the super mix of ingredients involved, fairly prices. The juices and smoothies made to order come well recommended.

When lunch hits, either grab something from Pando Café’s counter that’s quick—their wraps come in house made gluten free crepes and boast a variety of fillings, from the vegetarian to the meat heavy. With listings such as salmon fish cakes ($16.90) and lamb back strap salad ($17.90) the sit-down menu leans more towards a bistro than a café. And considering they’re licensed, we’re predicting it’ll be a swish new spot for those business bees wanting to lunch away from the ‘golden triangle’ and the prices of Eagle Street.

And, on Thursday and Friday nights Pando keeps its doors open, moonlighting as a tapas and wine bar. Organic fare and wine? Sign us up.

Turns out the city can be calming after all. You just need to know where to go. And Pando Café is it.

Want to find opening hours, contact info, and all the details? Head to Pando Cafe's Business Listing on The Directory

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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