What Is Bulletproof Coffee? And Where Can You Get It In Brisbane?

By Desta Cullen
7th Jul 2014

Looking for bulletproof coffee in Brisbane? Or just want to find out what all the bulletproof fuss is about? We've got you covered!

what is bulletproof coffee?

Here at TUL headquarters we all have our idiosyncratic coffee drinking habits too: Black with a dash of milk; one third coffee, one third milk, one third water; dirty chais on Zymil (chai with a shot of coffee); and your run-of-the-mill soy latte. 

Which actually all sound pretty boring when you hear that it's totally a thing now to put butter in your coffee… 

That's right, butter in your precious cup of joe. 

Before you freak out and start proclaiming that no buttery goodness is going to find its way into your caffeinated beverage, hear us out. 

Bulletproof coffee — so named because it makes you feel bullet proof — is a descendant of the Sherpa practice of putting yak butter in Tibetan tea to help with the physical effects of changing altitudes.  

It's said to have a plethora of benefits: weight loss, higher brain function, increased stamina, better focus, and improved physical recovery — attributes that have the paleo and cross-fit crew swooning for this turbo-charged drink.

The legend goes that the creator of Bulletproof Coffee (the brand), Dave Asprey, found his buttery Nirvana while hiking in Tibet. Exhausted and seriously struggling with the high altitude, he was given a cup of highly caffeinated, yak buttered Tibetan tea.  

The effects of this concoction were reportedly so amazing that Dave decided it was his life's mission to bring this coffee to the world. 

When he came down from the mountain, the tea became coffee and the yak butter became grass-fed, unsalted butter, combined with a strain of coconut oil, which is high in medium-chain tryglicerides and is better for you because the human body can metabolise this kind of fat easier than others. A win for coffee and butter lovers everywhere.

To make a cup of your own bulletproof at home, butter and oil are added to black coffee (high-quality of course) before blending the mixture together to create a lovely, emulsified, and creamy brew. 

where to find bulletproof coffee in Brisbane

If you want to leave the hard work to someone else, you can get bulletproof coffee in Brisbane from our friends at Paleo Café and Primal Pantry, who serve the Bulletproof Coffee and Symposium Café has a house bulletproof coffee made with grass fed ghee and coconut oil. 

Have you ever tried bulletproof coffee? Know of somewhere else that serves up bulletproof coffee in Brisbane? Tell us in the comments below!

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