Win the Ultimate Night Out in Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin
13th Feb 2014

Do you have a friend who needs some help in the cool department? Dob in your unhip amigos and you'll go in the draw to win the ultimate night out in Brisbane for you and 3 friends.

the ultimate night out 

We've handpicked Brisbane's coolest bars, restaurants, and hotels and created the perfect night out in Brisbane. This stellar prize includes luxury transport from your home to Pony Lounge & Dining on the river, where you'll enjoy a $400 dinner and drinks package, then a $200 bar tab at The Gresham (try the whisky cocktails!), and a $100 bar tab at Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar to finish the night off. You (and your friends) will then sleep like rock stars at Limes Hotel with Business Class Black & White cabs chauffeuring you from the hotel back to your home the next day.

How can you score this amazing night out? Easy! Just enter your details in the competition page, then share the link with your friends who could use some help getting out and about and trying new things in Brisbane. 

Do you have a friend who…

Plays Nintendo instead of leaving the house on a Friday night?

Is scared to try anything new or different (Ceviche?…Ew!)

Won't stop wearing board shorts out to dinner?

Always orders the Fruit Tingle?

We've all got that one friend who, despite our best efforts, still thinks a drive-thru counts as a restaurant, refuses to go anywhere but their favourite local (the one with the sticky floors), and generally lives under an uncultured rock.

As the designated cool hunter in your group, it's up to you to show your friends the way, drag them down alleyways to the coolest bars, keep tabs on which shop's going to pop up where, and patiently explain the difference between croquettes and croquet. So we're giving you the chance to show your friends the light and dob in any uncool mates.

How to Enter

To enter the draw all you need to do is:

1. Enter your details 
2. Share the unique URL through social media
3. For every friend that enters, you'll get an extra entry in the draw

And you can enter HERE.

Win The Ultimate Night Out!

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