10 All-Day Breakfasts We’d Rather Eat Than Maccas

By Clare Acheson
2nd Jul 2015

Oh, Maccas. We’ve all been there, hankering after a hash brown after a night on the party juice, but let’s be honest, Listers—that mouthful of greasy goodness quickly turns into several hours of epic sadness as your body reminds you why you should never dine under those golden arches again. To celebrate (or commiserate?) Maccas’ newly announced all-day breakfast menu, here are 10 of the best all-day breakfasts in Melbourne we’d rather be eating than Ronald’s soggy sausage McMuffin.

#1: Baked eggs with sourdough at North Carlton Canteen

North Carlton

The baked eggs at North Carlton Canteen are the pinnacle of simple, deliciously wholesome fare. No, you won’t find eight thousand rare spices in them, but that’s what makes them a great, non-stomach-churning alternative to that hangover hash brown. Plus, your server will say, “have a nice day,” and ACTUALLY MEAN IT. NCC, you’re the best.

#2: Avocado smash at Industry Beans


C’mon, if you’re going to ditch the bargain-basement Maccas, you might as well splash out and treat yourself to Melbourne’s most lavish avo on toast. Served with charred lemon, green tea sea salt and creamy, fresh goat’s cheese, Industry Beans serve some of the best breakfasts in Melbourne, and this avocado smash is no exception. Pure all-day perfection.

#3: Coddled egg with soldiers at Archie’s All Day


Yet another luxurious twist on the standard all-day brekkie, Archie’s All Day’s coddled egg comes with potato puree, truffle salt and brioche soldiers. Actually, hold the egg, just gimme a mugful of the potato puree…

#4: Mushrooms and ricotta on super-grain toast at Feast of Merit


Feast of Merit serves one of the best seasonal twists on mushrooms on toast that we’ve wrapped our collective mouth around. Locally gathered mushrooms are topped with ricotta, herbs and a sprinkling of sweet paprika to make this tasty all-dayer, which comes on the restaurant’s signature super-grain toast. They also channel a tonne of cash into Ygap, a not-for-profit group who support those in need in Australia and around the world. Breakfast for good? You’ve got our vote!

#5: Banana and almond hotcakes at Patch Cafe


In need of something warm and tasty with a hint of sweetness? Paleo-inspired cafe Patch’s banana and almond hotcakes are next-level delicious—perfect with that first or fourth coffee of the day depending on when you’re dropping in. If you’re going clean, hold the pistachio and cacao ice cream and paleo caramel, if not, go for all the trimmings. Delish!

#6: Chilli scrambled eggs with wallaby and feta at The Kettle Black

South Melbourne

The Flinders Island cured wallaby really makes this incredible all-day dish from The Kettle Black, which not only tastes amazing but looks stunning too. Definitely something you won’t find on the menu at Maccas, and even if you did, you probably wouldn’t want to touch it with a ten-foot fork…

#7: Beef brisket and potato hash with poached eggs, greens and Sriracha hollandaise at Auction Rooms

North Melbourne

North Melbourne brunch institution Auction Rooms serves up some of the best breakfasts in Melbourne and, praise the gods of hollandaise, they serve it all day, every day! This corned beef brisket hash is awesome for those days when you want that hit of salt, butter, sweetness and spice, all at once. Auction Rooms, we salute you.

#8: The Alpha at Hobba


Southern style slow-cooked pulled pork, a fried egg, fresh alfalfa, apple salad and pear cider reduced hollandaise. I’m sorry, bacon’n’egg McMuffin, but you simply don’t cut it when up against this Hobba gem.

#9: Smoked Bacon Bap with Gentlemen’s Relish at Cumulus

Most of us head to Maccas when we’re on-the-go and desperate. (Uh, have you ever dined in at Macca’s?! If you have, please email me here and we can begin your post-trauma counselling…). This breakfast bap from Cumulus makes the perfect take-away solution; bacon, anchovies and bread. Hell yes.

#10: Peanut butter and heirloom tomatoes on toast at Barry


I know what you’re thinking…How can I diss a McMuffin and then champion this weird concoction?! Seriously, if you haven’t tried Barry’s twist on peanut butter on toast, you’re in for a treat. One of the best breakfasts in Melbourne if you’re in need of a quick all-day bite.

So, Maccas, still think you can take on the best breakfasts in Melbourne with your all-day shenanigans? Bring your greasiest bap, your best fighting talk, and let’s take things outside…or over to our Facebook page.

Image credit: DG Manila

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