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10 Easter-Inspired Cocktails

By Stephen A Russell - 15 Apr 2014

The Easter long weekend is almost upon us, and we at The Urban List are very much in favour of any holiday that allows us a rare moment of chocolate gluttony unimpeded by guilty conscience. Everyone else is doing it, after all, and you can barely walk down the supermarket aisle without upending a towering display of edible bunnies or causing an avalanche of lolly-filled eggs.

Of course, extra days off also allows for longer hangover recovery time, so why wouldn't we combine our love for the sweet stuff with an alcoholic beverage or two? Here's our round up of the best Easter-appropriate and chocolate-spiked cocktails out there.

Chapel Street Windsor's Morris Jones have concocted a decadent Easter Bunny Cocktail to get the party started. They also gave us the inside info on how to make one yourself, but we recommend letting them do all the hard work.

30ml vanilla vodka
30ml White Chocolate Mozart
30ml cream
15ml chocolate syrup
15ml caramel syrup

Add all ingredients, shake and double strain. Before pouring, swirl chocolate syrup around the edge of the cocktail glass. Serve with a smile.

Easter Bunny cocktail at Morris Jones.

Sticking in Windsor, the Kid Boston crew have an unusual one up their sleeve in the Cherry Blazer, perfect for warming the cockles as the season turns. Just don't set fire to yourself (actually, just let them do this one too!)

40ml whiskey
20ml Dubonnet
10ml cherry brandy
20ml spice syrup
2 dashes chocolate bitters
15ml hot water

Warm all ingredients in a water bath then blaze, literally lighting on fire and tossing between two metal coffee jugs before serving with a garnish of shortbread and a spiced and Jack Daniels macerated cherry.

Slink up to the bar at St Kilda's Circa and the guys will be more than happy to fix you up a sophisticated Chocolate Negroni. A classic with a sweet-toothed twist, it combines Campari with the velvety citrus and spice of Antica Formula, Tanqueray gin with chocolate and orange bitters. It's a wicked indulgence with a kick.

Chocolate Negroni at Circa.

Over at the Albert Park Hotel, on the corner of Montague Street and Dundas Place, those with a particularly sweet tooth will be enamoured with their signature White Chocolate and Passionfruit Martini. It's not on the list, but locals know to ask for it by name. Consisting of vanilla vodka, pink grapefruit juice, passionfruit liqueur, white chocolate Monin, passionfruit puree and an egg white, it's garnished with a white chocolate rim and passionfruit segment.

One of our favourite haunts in the city, Exhibition Street's 1806 have worked everybody's favourite trend of the moment, salted caramel, into their cocktail of the month, The Dewars Cup. The yummy caramel is mixed with Dewars 12, Dolin Bitter vermouth and Peychaud's Bitters for good measure, creating a salaciously enticing drop.

Barge anybody between you and the bar out of your way with your very best rhino pose to secure yourself a glass of The Rhinoceros at Lily Blacks on Meyers Place. It's got a devilishly rich dessert feel, with walnut and brown butter Jim Beam Rye whiskey, date syrup and bitters.

White Chocolate & Passionfruit Martini at Albert Park Hotel.

If Easter conjures up images of cracking an egg, be it a painted boiled one or the chocolate variety with lollies inside, Malthouse Lane's Eau De Vie's Espresso Zabaione is another winner, and one that feeds Melbourne's caffeine obsession, too. Combining Ketel One vodka with an espresso shot and a dollop of maple syrup, it's capped with a saffron and vanilla mousse that's been frozen with liquid nitrogen. Crack it open and enjoy.

Even if it does sound like a cruel and unusual sport, it's well worth climbing (read: taking the lift) to the 55th floor of Rialto and enjoying the Koala Stinger at The Lui Bar. Adapted from the Cognac Stinger, popular in the roaring 20s, this is an Aussie take on a prohibition hero. The Lui guys take the white crème de menthe and cognac base, shaken and served straight up, and add white chocolate liqueur and eucalyptus tincture.

Gertrude Street's stylish escape from it all, The Everleigh, is as good a place as any to settle in for the long weekend. Their Butterfly Flip will have you forgetting your cares, and possibly your phone and keys. Egg yolk, angostura bitters, cream, chocolate liqueur and brandy are all shaken together with a tasty dusting of nutmeg on top.

In the cosy surrounds of The Attic, upstairs at Brunswick Street's Black Pearl, they're serving up a cocktail that not only has chocolate, but egg too. What's more Easter than that, short of serving it out of a ceramic bunny? 

Chocolate Cocktail


1 egg
Heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder
30ml Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
30ml Yellow Chartreuse
Dash of Cognac


1 egg
Heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder
15ml Yellow Chartreuse
45ml Ruby Port

Dry shake ingredients, then shake with ice and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with grated chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Rhinoceros at Lily Blacks.

Main Image Credit: How Sweet Eats

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