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10 Melbourne Cocktails You Have To Try This Winter

By Bianca O'Neill
17th Jun 2017


Sure, cocktails probably seem like a summer sport – but here at The Urban List, we believe that there’s no better way to pop a full stop at the end of a long week. Or cope with hump day. Or get through the Monday blues… well, you get the idea.

So, in the spirit (get it) of winter, we have an epic list of delicious new cocktails you need to bucket list the shiz out of this chilly season. Enjoy!

#1 Champagne Bubble Bath At Om Nom

Om Nom has been on our cocktail radar since they froze a salted caramel espresso martini with nitro, and delivered us a mojito you could inhale. Their new cocktail menu is just as decadent – a hubba bubba martini could keep any sweet tooth happy, and you can Netflix and chill with the ‘Netflix Movie Nights’ served in a popcorn box. But the piece de Instagrammable resistance is the ‘Champagne Bubble Bath’  - served in an actual mini bubble bath!

#2 Hot Cocktails At Arbory

With a new hot cocktail menu, Arbory are making your rainy, sub zero days just that little bit warmer with offerings like Spiced Hot Apple Cider, combining Willie Smith's Organic Cider with house-made spice syrup. Double your fun by adding Willie Smith Schnapps, Bulleit Bourbon or Sailor Jerry.

#3 Fererro Rocher Espresso Martini At Trunk

If there’s one thing that Melbournians love, it’s an espresso martini. So imagine our delight when we heard that our favourite casual CBD diner was delivering it with a twist: Fererro Rocher-flavoured and topped with fairy floss. There’s also a Cherry Ripe version that’s next on our hitlist…

#4 The Social Smoker At Waterslide

Take a suitably stiff blend of rums, steeped in roasted and spiced pineapple, then smother it in pecan smoke. Not only is it perfectly warming for those winter chills, it’s pretty damn Instagrammable too. Boomerang that smoke reveal FTW!

#5 Tom Yum cocktail At POW kitchen

If you’re looking for a weekend combination of delicious alcohol and effective flu-killer, then POW is your knight in shining armour against the common cold this winter. Tom Yum flavours like lemongrass, chilli and ginger are combined with rum and lemon to make for the perfect cocktail of anti-man-flu strength.

#6 Fairy Floss Martini At Rock Sugar

You may have spotted this one in your feed of late – it’s been doing the rounds because it’s just so damn photographable. Thankfully, the idea of combining fairy floss that dissolves as you pour your martini over the top makes for a deliciously sweet accompaniment to your Thai food with a twist.

#7 Honolua Bay Sharknado At Hana 

If you’re in the CBD and looking for a bit of fun on the side of your regular cocktail, try the ‘Honolua Bay Sharknado’ at new Hawaiian seafood bar Hana. It comes served in a giant shark's head, and it’s decidedly more popular with an audience than its movie counterpart.

#8 Spiked Lassi At Mukka

Rose and cinnamon, mango and original lassi at Mukka come with an option of being spiked, so of course, that’s your best option to join an order of wintery-warming butter chicken, slow-cooked goat curry and Matar Paneer. That’s about as good as it gets when it’s cold outside.

#9 The Axel Foley At Mr & Mrs P 

Head to Brighton this winter for one of the cosiest new cocktail bars in the city. Although their namesake cocktail, combining vanilla vodka, passionfruit and white chocolate is all the rage, the Axel Foley will cure what ails you this cold season. Glenmorangie Original is combined with caramel, pear nectar and lemon to deliver the perfect combination of winter dessert flavours – the perfect ending to a light dinner of their delicious bar menu. Try the Wagyu risoni, you won’t be disappointed.

#10 The Pho-groni At Uncle

Yep, this is a Pho Negroni. We’ve spoken about it at length before, but we clearly needed to remind you that the best soup for winter (pho) and the best cocktail for winter (Negroni) have combined forces at Uncle for your enjoyment. If they’re running low when you visit, never fear—the cocktail is made in barrel batches, more is set to drop at the end of June. Cheers!

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Image credit: Om Nom Bar

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