10 Of Melbourne’s Most OTT Desserts

By Melanie Host
9th Mar 2017

melbournes most ott desserts

Do you ever look at your dessert and think it’s a bit sub-par? Like you could be eating a dessert that is way more over the top? Well, lucky you, because we’ve compiled a list of desserts so impressive you can almost hear them scream “TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!!” Yep, we’re talking jaw-dropping desserts that are all available right here in Melbourne. It’s time to drop that diet and check out 10 of Melbourne’s most OTT desserts.

Monsta Shakez | Twisted Sista


Choose your Monsta. Think of a drink bursting with flavour, with syrup dripping down the side, decked out with sour straps, lollies, macaroons and more! With the options of Mini, Mild or MEGA—the Monsta Shakez at Twisted Sista are mason jars full of colourful deliciousness and you’ll want to go big. Other extreme freak shake options include the ones with flippin’ pancake chips at Stokers Fine Pancakes, Naughty Boy, Sugar Buns Bakery Cafe and Johnny Pump.

Thai Milk Tea Sizzling Roti | Son In Law


Don’t you just love getting that extra milk on the side to pour all over your own dessert? Topped with marshmallows, crushed cashew nuts and creamy vanilla ice cream, this sizzling Thai dessert at Son in Law is perfect for a Boomerang.

Meringue Monster | LuxBite

South Yarra

When this towering dish arrives at your table, you’re going to wish you’d skipped dinner. They call it the “Meringue Monster” for a reason, as this green tea sponge with pistachio, watermelon yoghurt and sour strawberry mousse engulfed in a meringue coating is big enough to feed you and three clones.

Turkish Fairy Floss Baklava | Köy Restaurant

South Melbourne

This one from Köy almost looks like a little person with bright pink gravity-defying hair! This dish’s got a little extra punch to a classic baklava, featuring a syrup infused with herbs and spices that complements the nutty flavour from the pistachios and walnuts.

Ricotta Hotcakes | 5 Lire

North Melbourne

Someone commented on my photo of this on Instagram, saying, “Is that Donald Trump’s hair?!”. These amazing hotcakes feature semifreddo smothered with Nutella, plus chocolate cacao and orange crumble scattered all over. Once you add Pariya Persian chocolate fairy floss on top, you’ve got yourself a damn fancy dessert.

A Rustic Chocolate Stove | Pascale Bar & Grill


OTT doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a dessert bigger than our faces. Carefully crafted into a miniature stove—pots and all—the extreme detail in this tiny treat at Pascale is almost too beautiful to destroy with a spoon. Designed for sharing, it’s meant to be a fun little dish that’s fun to break apart and tastes different with every bite.

Gelato Topped With Nutella On Tap | Zero Gradi

Lygon Street

Three words: Nutella. On. Tap. It’s time to drown your gelato in rich nutella and leave no inch spared. If you’re not that into Nutella, the taps at Zero Gradi are also filled with mouthwatering melted white chocolate, dark chocolate and more. You’ll find Zero Gradi just a few doors down from the original 400 Gradi on Lygon Street where you can enjoy the world’s best wood-fire pizza in true Neapolitan style, you can expect no less than 12 different freshly made gelato flavours daily.

Campfire Cake | Grand Trailer Park Taverna


This one’s for those who can’t decide between sweet and salty when staring at the menu at Grand Trailer Park Taverna. With the sweetness of the maple syrup and the saltiness of the popcorn and salted caramel, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Along wih that, you need to prepare for a peanut butter overload, because you also get two slices of peanut butter and maple syrup sponge with a layer of peanut butter parfait in between, peanut butter sauce, crushed peanuts and peanut praline. It’s incredibly sinful—but trust us—it’s worth it.

Raspberry & Rose Bombe Alaska | Pidapipo


Any dessert with the word “bomb” in it is sure to do more than merely tingle your taste buds. Crafted by Pidapipo, this chocolate sponge with raspberry cream gelato and rose gelato that’s layered and frosted with caramelized fluffy meringue is perfect to satisfy the cravings of even the most fussy sweet tooth.

Donut Ice Cream Cones | Little Frankie’s

South Yarra

The donut and ice cream gods blessed us with donut ice cream sandwiches in 2016, and now these donut soft serve combos are taking Instagram by storm. All of these hybrid yum-ventions are just cooler, anyways.

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Image credit: Twisted Sista

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