10 of the Best 3pm Treats

By Clare Acheson
25th May 2015

We’ve all been there. Literally as soon as the clock hits 3pm, our eyes start to droop, our stomachs start to rumble and our hands reach for the nearest consumable thing available, be it chocolate, pastries, trail mix or that sandwich crust that’s been lurking on our desk since lunch. At The Urban List HQ, we’re practically experts in the 3pm treat—we love nothing more than indulging in something sweet and tasty, usually with a cuppa (or our fourteenth coffee of the day…). What are we chomping on? Here are 10 of the best 3pm treats you can find in Melbourne.

Turkish Mastic Ice-Cream by Booza

Various locations and online

Booza is a truly unique ice-cream that’s perfect for grazing on. Its traditional Turkish recipe includes mastic gum, which means it’s slower to melt that regular dairy ice-creams, and the flavours are mouth-wateringly delicious. Of course, you’ll find old favourites like green tea vanilla and chocolate, but it’s the more adventurous tubs such as fig jam and walnut, Turkish Delight, and coffee and cardamom that really float our boat. Pass me a spoon…

Any of the Brioche or Croissant Scrolls from Pop Up Scroll


The team behind scroll boutique Pop Up Scroll bakes some of the most delicious treat we’ve ever laid our hands on. The pistachio and sour cherry scroll is definitely one for the treat connoisseur, while the brioche scrolls are a heartier sweet fix—ideal with a mid-afternoon chai tea. 

Couverteur Chocolate by Yo-Chi

Balaclava, Yarraville, Carlton and Hawthorn

Did you know that Yo-Chi, purveyors of Melbourne’s best frozen yoghurt, are now doing chocolate?! The new organic chocolate range is the latest thing dreamt up by Yo-Chi’s awesome kitchen team, and features no less than nine awesome flavours. The new chocolate range only launched last week, but already we’re loving the strawberry and white chocolate bars, the mint dark chocolate bars, and the sea salt and caramel bars (obv). One of our top new treat finds! 

Protein Balls by Health Lab

Various stockists and online

Based in St Kilda, Health Lab’s genius kitchen produces some of our favourite healthy snacks in Melbourne, which it then delivers straight to your doorstep (or desk, if you’re feeling extra lazy!). They do tasty chocolate and almond protein balls but our favourite has to be the peanut butter ball…Delish! Not sure what takes your fancy? Order a mixed snack pack and let fate decide what you’ll be snacking on next!

Raw Bounty Bars at Nutrition Bar

Melbourne, Richmond and Winsdor

If you love clean eating and you haven’t discovered Nutrition Bar, Listers, you’re in for a real treat. Everything here, including their lunch packs, juices,  some of Melbourne’s best raw desserts and acai bowls, is worth wrapping your mouth around but nothing is more fitting for 3pm snacktime than Nutrition Bar’s raw Bounty bar—it’s a thing of cacao and coconut dreams.  

Lamingtons at Candied Bakery


Hailed by some as the best bakery in Melbourne, Candied Bakery does magical things with butter, flour and sugar. Their lamingtons, which always seem to come out perfect every time (seriously, guys, how do you do it?!) are the perfect sweet treat to accompany an afternoon tea or fresh juice. Light, fluffy, with the perfect amount of jam, we could eat these until we burst.

Anything from Doughboys Doughnuts

Various locations

Every time we drop into a Doughboys stockist, it’s a test of ultimate will power. Listers, everything turned out by Doughboys is worthy of 3pm treat-dom but, if they happen to have them on the day you visit, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to try their peanut butter and jelly doughnut, their earl grey doughnut and anything that has a filled centre. These guys make us wish it was 3pm every day, all day, forever.

Snack Boxes by Harvest Box


If you’re looking for healthy snacks to satisfy that 3pm urge, online snack delivery service Harvest Box have you covered. Their snack boxes that combine dried fruit, nuts and seeds are super-handy if you’re planning on sharing a snack with someone and keep you topped up with good stuff rather than riding that sugar high. You can also order individual snack packs of nuts, seeds and fruit too—great if you’re on the go!

Raspberry Coconut Chocolate Scrolls by Kwak Scrolls

Various stockists locations

Melbourne scroll maestro Kwak bakes some of the most OTT scrolls we’ve ever seen. Salted caramel scrolls? They’re in there. Oreo scrolls? Oh yes. Nutella scrolls? You betcha. They’re not dainty (these things are the size of a small child) but they are delicious—one of our top 3pm treats for when you’re famished and really couldn’t care for calorie-counting. Check out the Kwak Facebook page to find out which markets and stores you'll find these beauties at.

Portuguese Custard Tarts by Rustica Bakery


Ah, Rustica, you mecca of all things baked and delicious. Like most of the treats you’ll find on the counter of this Fitzroy bakery, Rustica’s Portuguese custard tarts are some of the best in the city. The pastry is light, the custard just sweet enough, and the toasted top layer is always a delight to bite into. These Portuguese custard tarts are guaranteed to make everyone who’s with you get treat envy, so make sure you pick up a box to share or you’ll be going hungry!

Image credit: Pop up Scroll, Jenna Fahey-White for The Urban List

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