11 Reasons to Not Stay Home this Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

By Clare Acheson
12th Feb 2015

So, that Prince or Princess Charming hasn’t ridden past on a white stallion for the umpteenth year in a row, and you’re beginning to wonder what to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single. In fact, you’re starting to lose all hope of enjoying that day that will not be named, and staying in is looking like the only option.

Or maybe you read our most recent Valentine’s Day round-up and have fallen into a pit of lonely desperation from which you’re sure you’ll never escape.

Hold up, Listers. WE love you! And to prove it, we’re giving you 14 top reasons to NOT stay home this Valentine’s Day.

1. It’s a Saturday night! C’mon, party people, Saturday comes but once a week so you’ve got to make the most of it when it does roll around—you’ll be kicking yourself come Monday morning if you don’t.

2. It’s summer. We’re set for a scorching 34˚C this Saturday, so get out in the sun, soak up as many rays as you can and grasp the opportunity to show some skin!

3. We live in a beautiful city, and you don’t get to see much of Melbourne’s beauty when you’re stuck in your house binge-watching ‘Parks and Recreation’ repeats.

4. Our beautiful city is full of people just like you. It’s a brave new world of opportunity when it comes to meeting new people with similar interests, if you know where to look…

5. ...And we’ve found the best place to look! Put on your glad rags and get yourself down to the Grosvenor Hotel for Winger’s Valentine’s Day singles party.

6. The best people will all be at one of our favourite venues, along with the best food, cocktails and more. The Grosvenor will be laying on oysters, cheese and charcuterie platters, cocktails and special prizes for all those singletons who’ve decided to ditch the doona and head to their St Kilda soiree.

Keen to join? Simply book your ticket here, then make your way down on Saturday night and get ready to meet some of Melbourne’s likeminded solo-flyers. 

7. You’ll have nothing to say on Monday morning when your workmates ask what you got up to if you do stay home. Even if it’s not a life-changing romance, it’ll certainly make for a better story!

8. You’ll have to listen to your loved-up neighbours getting it on after their aphrodisiac-laden Valentine’s eve candlelit dinner for two.

9. If your neighbours are at it, you’ll have to listen to Prince/Barry White/that FKA Twigs album on repeat all night long.

10. If your single neighbour has opted to stay in, you’ll have to listen to Sinead O’Connor/Celine Dion/that Taylor Swift song about breaking up with John Mayer on repeat all night long.

11. Are you serious? You really need another reason?! Make Valentine’s Day 2015 the last one that you spend single. Grab your mates, book your tickets and hotfoot it down to The Grosvenor this Saturday night for a flawless solution to the conundrum of what to do on Valentine’s day if your single in Melbourne.

Image credit: Rock My Wedding

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