11 Superfood Smoothies Around Melbourne

By Susannah George
24th Mar 2014

Whilst categorically delicious, a smoothie is often a hit-or-miss healthy drink. Being health loving folk at TUL, we searched high and low for Melbourne's best superfood smoothies – for a delicious and nutritious meal on the go.

Shoku Iku


Shoku Iku's smoothies are so jam-packed full of superfoods, they'll blow your mind. The Ultimate Smoothie is a super combination of coconut water, coconut meat, berries, hemp, cacao nibs, goji berry, ashwagandha, astragalus, MSM, camu camu, fulvic acid (cell balancer), reishi, maca, marine phytoplankton (double dose), mega hydrate, vanilla, lakanto. Phew!

Check their smoothie board when you arrive – these change regularly, dependent on what is in season. Each superfood also has a little picture that tells you quickly the benefits it offers.

The Nutrition Bar

Richmond, Windsor and Melbourne CBD

The Nutrition Bar offers an array of enticing smoothies, whatever your flavour preference. We love their delicious Superfood Smoothie, which is made from coconut water, raw cacao, acai powder, chia gel, agave, coconut oil, vanilla protein powder, LSA, raspberries and ice!



Sprout is a little organic grocer and cafe in Hawthorn East, and we absolutely love their Ginger Ninja – a sneaky zing of ginger with banana, nutmilk and vegie juice. This is one that'll have you alert and energised in no time at all! A great range of extra superfood add-ins are also available.

Vegie Bar


Vegie Bar have a great array of juices and smoothies to wash down their tasty vegetarian meals. Their Vegie Special is made from banana, honey and bee pollen. Bee pollen contains 40% protein, as well as B vitamins and folic acid. It's great for an energy and an immune system boost and can also help improve allergies.

Yong Green Food


Our favourite smoothie at Yong Green Food is a Cacao Shake (to wash down the incredible raw nachos we are probably chowing down). The Cacao Shake is made from raw cacao, cashew milk, agave and vanilla bean. We like to add in some rice protein and maca, too!

Green Press

Melbourne CBD

Green Press is a superfood goldmine hidden away in the middle of the CBD; their acai bowls and freshly made soups are a hit with workers in the area. But the Chocolate Superfood Smoothie is our pick, made from raw cacao, dates, cocoa, banana and coconut water. With a huge variety of superfood extras to mix in, you'll have trouble trying to decide!

Aunt Maggie's

Hampton, Malvern, Balaclava, Brunswick and Fitzroy

While you're stocking up on your organic fruit and veg, you'll want to stop by Aunt Maggie's Smoothie Bar, where you can enjoy a fresh smoothie, soup or wrap whilst in store. 'The Phil' smoothie is a powerful punch of nutrients: mango, banana, berries, spirulina and coconut water. We vote to add in some acai for an extra antioxidant boost!

Pressed Juices

Brighton, Hawthorn, Windsor, Melbourne CBD, South Yarra and Armadale

Pressed Juices have made it simple for Melburnians to access convenient grab-and-go cold pressed, organic smoothies and juices. We love the Smooth Nourish, which is a delicious combination of acai, almonds, almond meal, dates, blackberry, cinnamon, filtered water, sea salt and vanilla bean. They also deliver, and you should check out our road-test of their cleanse, too.

Little Big Sugar Salt


Little Big Sugar Salt, a wonderfully small cafe in the middle of bustling Victoria Street, has a sweet little green smoothie on its menu which we adore – a deliciously fresh combination of kiwi fruit, spinach and banana. True simplicity at its best.



Technically a juice rather than a smoothie, we had to include this anyway. Simply known as 'Number 1', the cucumber, kale, celery, apple, lime and parsley combination at Touchwood offers a nutrient-packed beverage to accompany whatever you choose from their wonderful array of breakfast and lunch meal offerings.

Brighton Schoolhouse


Brighton Schoolhouse has a strong focus on organic and seasonal produce, with their all-day breakfast options being perfectly matched to their nourishing smoothies. We love 'The Nutrition Bomb', made from Vital greens, raw chocolate, linseed, almond, sunflower seed, coconut, psyllium husk, chia seeds, raw honey, soy (I'd opt for almond milk instead), and banana.

Main Image Credit: Pinterest

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