12 Melbourne Dishes To Order If You’re Actually A Giant Kid

By Ellen Seah
30th Jan 2017


Some days we eat green salads that have a similar flavour profile to a chair leg, other days its deep-fried Nutella balls for breakfast. Here’s what (and where) to eat if your inner kid is on the loose.

1. Nutella Burgers & Deep-Fried Nutella Balls

Nutella Doughnuts are so 2016. What you need to get your mouth around are Nuts About Tella’s quadrupled Nutella burgers with four doughnut buns smashed until they’re buttery, fluffy, crispy pancakes. Nutella oozes between layers to make up the Leaning Tella of Pisa.

If you want to take the Nutella mess up a level, head to Port Melbourne’s favourite local chippery, D’Lish Fish. Icing sugar-coated deep-fried Nutella balls are served warm and oozy, encased in a crispy batter that cracks on pressure. Brace yourself for chocolate-filled dreams.

2. Fairy Bread French Toast

Brioche fairy bread French toast exists at Jethro Canteen and it seems Melbourne has officially reached the pinnacle of good ideas. We can go home now. PS it’s served with a completely necessary Tim Tam crumb.

3. Ice-cream On A Waffle

Ice cream in a cone + waffles + breakfast = you’d better waffle on over to Lucky Penny. A pillow-soft waffle is coated in housemade lemon curd, chocolate ganache and topped with seasonal fruits, extra chocolate shavings (it’s nearly Easter don’t give me that look) and finished with an upside down lemon sorbet ice-cream cone. Flavours rotate throughout the year, because you can’t have the same ice-cream twice right?

4. Lamington Jaffles

Bad Frankie brings the goods with chocolate soaked sponge cake filled with jam, rolled in coconut and served with a side of creamy, creamy cream—in jaffle form. I’m done with you lot.

5. Gingerbread Latte

We were sold as soon as the latte hit the table with a giant, cheerful grin. Serotonin Eatery are onto a winner here.

6. Freakshakes

From Nutella to Maltesers, Golden Gaytime to Kinder Surprise—eeny, meeny, miny, moe between this and this and this venue.

7. Fairy Floss Hot Chocolate

Venture over to Mörk Chocolate Brew House and you'll find the hottest drink in town. Combine your love for fairy floss and rich, dark hot chocolate.

8. THAT Dessert From Toko

A seasonal dessert from the Toko team (read: get in fast), the dessert consists of fresh raspberries, dark chocolate cake base, layered with fresh, creamy green tea ice cream and torched meringue. Get it, and don’t share.

9. The Rustic Chocolate Stove

Tiny food is instantly more entertaining, particularly when it comes to Pascale Bar & Grill’s Rustic Chocolate Stove with delicate, teensy chocolate stoves (seriously how do you do that without the help of the tooth fairy), on a chocolate stovetop.

10. Buttermilk Tim Tam Pancakes

Rich, pillow soft and coated in crunchy Tim Tam chunks—this breakfast is everything you’re expecting and more. You'll find it at Long Story Short.

11. Bacon Steak From Rudimentary

Because, bacon steak?!

12. Frozen Custard Doughnut Sandwiches

Royal Stacks have teamed up with the Melbourne doughnut prodigy behind Bistro Morgan to bring you the ultimate dessert: doughnuts filled with frozen custard. We’re drooling at the thought.

Feel like a dessert that's a bit more refined now that you're (at least pretending to be) an adult? You can catch all of the desserts you need right here.

Image credit: Michelle Jarnie | Long Story Short

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