15 of Melbourne’s Best Fried Foods

By Hannah Valmadre
23rd Nov 2014

Whether you’re trying to cure a hangover or are just craving some comfort food, frying something into oblivion always seems to be a satisfactory solution. Turns out there are plenty of foodie establishments that can’t resist throwing something in the deep fryer.

From humble, old school fish and chipperies to high-end cafés and restaurants, Melburnians can’t resist a good fry up. Fried chicken has gone gang-busters this year, with Korean and American-style crispy chicken leading the way to happiness. Seafood gets a fair go here as well, with good old fashioned salt and pepper calamari, soft shell crab, and moreish school prawns. Finally, don’t think we’ve forgotten the all-important desert option; if you want to know where to find the tastiest deep fried Mars Bar, read on for the best fried foods in Melbourne.

Rice Queen


This was a hard one to pick but it’s unanimous, the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) at Rice Queen takes the cake when it comes to Korean-style fried chicken in Melbourne. Eric's seven spice crispy chicken ribs are tossed with spring onions and whole chillies and served with mint sauce. Because we’re all about the honourable mentions today, Gami Chicken & Beer in the city and Frying Colours in Kensington are also exceptional.

Ike’s Rack Shack


If you like your fried goodies with a little pizazz, try the scrumptious Deep Fried Pickles, courtesy of Ike’s Rack Shack. The Beaufort (home to Ike’s) is a must try spot for your naughty fried-food cravings!

Big Huey’s Diner

South Melbourne

The humble American diner is always an excellent source of fried food, and Big Huey’s is no exception. Try the Pluto Pups, otherwise known as Frank ‘n’ Furter ‘fries’. Franks are dipped in batter, quickly fried and served with house-made tomato ketchup.

The Fish Market Burger Bar and Grill


If it’s fried sweet things you’re after, look no further than the Fish Market in Richmond. They do the classic deep fried Mars Bar, as well as deep fried Snickers, pineapple fritters and banana fritters. We’re pretty sure the word YOLO was invented for times like these.

Top Paddock


It was really hard to pick just one soft shell crab dish in Melbourne, but we’ve happily settled on this little gem at Top Paddock. The soft shell crab burger is made with Queensland mud crab, house-made lime mayo, fennel and dill salad all in a soft brioche bun. Honourable mentions for soft shell crab in the city go to Hammer & Tong and Hanoi Hannah, so feel free to give those guys a go as well.

Steam Packet Hotel


It makes sense to have seafood in the beachy location of Williamstown, and it’s here at the Steam Packet we believe we have found our pick of the fried calamari. Salt and pepper calamari is lightly floured and flash fried until golden and tossed in a rocket, paw paw, coriander and lime salsa. For a bit of extra fun, throw in some house-made beer battered onion rings with sweet chilli mayo.



With ten beers on tap and an extensive wine list, Markov is a great place for a glass or two and some seriously good fried food snacking. Our pick is definitely the moreish fried school prawns, lime and spiced salt. If you’re still looking for some extra fried goodness, they’ve got some excellent potato and cheddar croquettes to get stuck into.

Rockwell and Sons


Truly, we would be in so much trouble if we didn’t include Rockwell and Sons and their Southern-style fried chicken in this list. Their fried chicken sandwich comes with buttermilk dressing, iceberg lettuce, and crystal hot sauce and it is, quite simply, too legit to quit. If you’ve tried the fried chicken at this legendary establishment already, we can also recommend Miss Katie’s Crab Shack and Le Bon Ton.

Po’ Boy Quarter


At Po’ Boy Quarter there are more fried food options than you can possibly point a stick at, and all of them are excellent. Our pick would have to be the deep fried shrimp Po’ Boy, with fresh tomato, pickled cucumber and slaw in a massive bread roll. Round that out with some of their cheesy mac croquettes and you, my friend, have got it made.

New Kum Den

Melbourne CBD

We had to throw in a deep fried ice cream in the mix for this list, and New Kum Den has supplied us with the goods. For a cheap and easy $5 you get a deep fried ice cream ball lathered in Maple syrup. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Naked in the Sky


Naked For Satan’s rooftop bar is not only an excellent location for a sunset drink, it’s got a great bar snack menu. Much to our delight, there are plenty of options for fired food fans, including friend cheese and walnut croquettes with quince aioli, fried calamari with lemon aioli and fried zucchini flowers with prawn mousse. Our favourite though is the crumbed eggplant with honey and blue cheese. De-lish.



You’ve got to love a bar snacks menu that’s nearly all fried. While we do like the spud chunks and crispy chicken bits at Humdinger, our hearts lie with the deep fried pickles with parmesan aioli – truly an excellent accompaniment to the beer of your choice.

Oasis Bakery


There is stiff competition for the best doughnuts in Melbourne, but we’ve settled on Oasis Bakery's fried balls of goodness. Shortly after they’re removed from the fryer, these golden treats are smothered in an orange-blossom-infused sugar syrup. Stop dreaming about them, go and get some!

Old Salt

Port Melbourne

We’re calling it, Old Salt in Port Melbourne has some cracking F&C’s. All your traditional favourites are there, from chiko rolls to savloys, so grab and Old Salt Box and embrace the summer sun. If you’re after more deep fried goodness, and if your body can take a hit, they also do a hamburger in batter for $3.

Henry and the Fox

Melbourne CBD

Zucchini flowers are a seasonal delight and in the warmer months we love this crispy light snack. Henry and the Fox do beer battered Zuchhini flowers which are a delicious treat if you’re not keen on a full-on grease fest. If you are, however, looking for some more fried action, they also do a Coopers-battered soft shell crab with hand cut chips, peas and tartare sauce. That should fix you.

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Image Credit: Recipe Hearth

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