2016 Year In Review, So Far

By Aimee Bricker
2nd Jul 2016

fourth chapter cafe

2016 has been one of those years where you blink and you miss it.  One second we were bitching and moaning about the heat, next minute we’re freezing our asses off. Long story short, this year has flown past, so we’ve compiled a list of everything noteworthy (or as much as we can remember) that’s happened in Melbourne and around the world this past year, so we can reminisce together. Happy EOFY, you guys!

  1. The geniuses behind Tall Timber, Rustica Canteen, and Short Straw opened Left Field in Carnegie. Within days of opening you’d be lucky if you got a table without an hour long wait. 
  2. Pasta mixed in a parmesan wheel is officially a thing at the Queen Vic and Prahran markets.
  3. Brexit.
  4. David Cameron resigning as a result of the Brexit.
  5. Realising that Brits are really dumb because ‘EU’ was one of the most commonly searched terms AFTER the election.
  6. Offspring is back, restoring our faith in Aussie made TV.
  7. Orange is the New Black came back with a vengeance.
  8. Game of Thrones season 6 started and finished leaving all of us devotees waiting breathlessly for another year for another season.
  9. Montereys will be dishing up seafood and a bunch of beers, wines and seascape cocktails to match.  
  10. A new Harry Potter book (okay…manuscript of a play) is officially a thing.
  11. There’s a Harry Potter play!
  12. A Harry Potter theme park opened up in the states and it looks beyond amazing.
  13. State of Origin happened, and only 2 of 3 games were played.
  14. America is well on its way to possibly having a Trump led Hunger Games.
  15. Want to balance out your pulled brisket cheeseburger with an acai bowl? Fourth Chapter has you covered. 
  16. Belles Hot Chicken..... taking over the world, one hot chicken shop at a time. 
  17. Lola Berry's Happy Lab at the South Melbourne Markets.
  18. Smäk me, this health focused Scandinavian inspired restaurant is seriously cool.
  19. Mesob is brining Ethiopian food to Northcote. 
  20. Rainbow latte art is a thing.
  21. Turmeric lattes are a thing.
  22. So are beetroot lattes (but they look sooooo pretty and pink).
  23. We can all stop stressing that we’re illegally Ubering because Uber is officially LEGAL.
  24. The English soccer team having Brexit 2.0 after losing to Iceland in the Euro qualifiers.
  25. Truffle hunting at Prahran Markets.
  26. Beyonce dropped Lemonade and made us all severely question her and Hova’s marriage.
  27. Kanye, not content to just be called Yeezy/Yeezus decided to be called Pablo as well, the namesake for his Life of Pablo album.
  28. Astroluxe brings a breathe of fresh air to the Chesterville Road Shopping Centre. 
  29. Italian street food craving? Figo has you covered. 
  30. With a spot in the CBD and Docklands, you're set for bagels with Schmucks Bagels.
  31. White Mojo ticks all our boxes- the perfect place for a weekend brunch date, work lunch meeting or a relaxing afternoon treat.
  32. Penny Drop has beautifully plated food in the newly refurbished ATO building in Box Hill.
  33. Plug Nickle- excellent coffee and takeaway drinks? Yes please. 
  34. Sartoria scores 10/10 for presaentation. 
  35. Matcha Mylkbar- completely vegan cafe that refuses to ditch the poached eggs and bacon. 
  36. Lot 3- Think high-quality hot dogs, bagels packed with cured meats, and a damn fine mac and cheese. 
  37. Don't be fooled by the name- Middle Child definitely does not have middle child syndrome!
  38. George Jones-  your one stop shop for clean, contemporary and stylish breakfast, lunch or dinner
  39. Rustica Canteen is kneading the way to our hearts. 
  40. Capeside Coffee- serving Seven Seeds coffee and Doughboy Doughnuts.... need we say more? 
  41. Introducing the newest venture from the Axil family- Mayday Coffee and Food
  42. George Calombaris goes west with Hellenic Hotel.
  43. Melbs got a new shopping centre in the form of Eastland.
  44. We got a festival devoted entirely to TEA.
  45. The greatest Geordie Shore couple that ever was/maybe/we’re not sure are officially over. RIP Chaz.
  46. Don't let the name fool you- Misery Guts in St Kilda is anything but miserable.   
  47. Doughnut Time took over our Instagrams with their bright green boxes and decadent treats. We especially enjoyed their new season special edition drops for Orange is the New Black and their gold-leaf topped doughnuts for World Doughnut Day.
  48. The Cellar Door by the Public Brewery is a brewery like no other. 
  49. Zero Gradi- the new baby from 400 Gradi
  50. Food hybrids continue to grow with a ‘Doughrito’: a half doughnut, half burrito masterpiece.
  51. Second that with the Macaronut: macaroon x doughnut.
  52. We’re finally being blessed with an avocado emoji.
  53. Tayvin i.e Tayor Swift and Calvin Harris are no longer a thing. I sense some Grammy award winning songs in the future. (Speaking of breakups, Gigi Hadid dumped Joe Jonas for Zayne Malik. And we’re holding our breathe over Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom).
  54. Waleed Aly made history winning his Gold Logie.
  55. Rebecca Madden likewise made history as the first female host of The Footy Show.
  56. And continuing to smash glass ceilings is Hilary Clinton, the first female ever to be the representative for her party in the American presidential elections.
  58. First there was kale, but 2016 has (so far) been all about Kombucha.
  59. Deliveroo, Ubereats, and Foodora are here, encouraging us to be even lazier than we thought possible.
  60. A Melb patisserie beating out the rest of the world to be named the best croissanterie by The New York Times (Lune in Fitzroy).
  61. Berwick hit the jackpot with MPD Kitchen
  62. Matte look lips have taken over our lives thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and her lip kit.
  63. Speaking of, we can’t keep up with the never-ending saga of the Kardashians (but we love trying/pretending we don’t care when we kinda do).  Are Scott and Kourtney together? Is Scott in rehab? What famous athlete is Khloe dating? Are Kylie and Tyga on or off again? Are Rob and Black Chyna legit? Will Kendall stay normal(ish)?
  64. We said goodbye to a few greats who changed the music world for forever. David Bowie, and a few months later, Prince.
  65. Apple music is trying to infiltrate our lives, and trying to use T-Swift rapping to Drizzy Drake and Future, while falling off a treadmill to do it.
  66. Daniel Ricciardo came second at the Monaco Grand Prix, breaking the collective hearts of Aussie Grand Prix lovers.
  67. Matilda finally made it to Melbourne, making us all feel inferior to the massively talented 5 kids in that show.
  68. Zika virus freaked us out.
  69. Almost all the golfers dropping out of the Olympics because of the Zika virus.
  70. Cleveland Cavaliers winning their first ever NBA Championship. Delly is officially the 6th Aussie to win an NBA Championship. 
  71. Dami Imm competing in Eurovision and coming second (still slightly confused how we Aussies actually qualify for Eurovision).
  72. High Intensity Interval Training is becoming * the * thing to do, with F45’s popping up everywhere. 
  73. The Break Room opens. A place that is purpose built for people to come in and smash the place up to let off some steam.
  74. Spying on your pets (*cough cough* separation anxiety) is okay/almost encouraged with a new wave of pet cams.
  75. You can officially get a tan 24hrs a day, any day of the week in South Yarra.
  76. We were all blessed with ridiculously cheap air fares, making us hate the day we agreed to whatever job we had that meant we couldn’t up and leave.
  77. Marble. Marble homewares. Everywhere.
  78. Same for copper. Copper is everywhere.
  79. We were all #blessed with a slew of new celebrity baby spawn- Saint West, holy son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.  And whatever the baby daughter of Chrissy Tiegan and John Legend is called. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (i.e Snow White and Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time) had a little boy.  Audrina Patridge (remember her from The Hills?) had a little girl. Anne Hathaway had a little boy, so did Rose Byrne and Bobby Carnivale.
  80. Pidapipo officially makes cakes. Because they weren’t already making all of our dreams come true with their Nutella tap? (Hint: get the Nutella IN the cone BEFORE you get the ice cream, maximising your volume of Nutella).
  81. Tokyo Tina made all of our ramen dreams come true by devoting an entire month to ramen.
  82. Deep fried burgers are real.
  83. Mr Burger will give you free burgers for life.  As long as you agree to legally changing your name to Mr. Burger
  84. Yo-Chi reeling in the collabs: Yo-Chi x Doughboy Doughnuts. Yo-Chi x Hanoi Hannah. We like.
  85. Snapchat has taken over.
  86. Instagram changed its logo. Stop the freakin’ press.

Image credit: Fourth Chapter, Griffin Simm for The Urban List

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