29 Things You Can Do In Melbourne For $1

By Clare Acheson
23rd Mar 2016

things to do in Melbourne

Do you remember when feeling a shiny new dollar coin rolling around in your pocket made you feel like the king (or queen) of the world? Well, times sure have changed, and so has the scope of things to do with all one hundred of those precious cents. Whether you're a fan of cheap things to do in Melbourne, a visitor who's holidaying on a penny-pinching budget, or simply have a little loose change lying around, get onto these 29 epic bargain finds, pronto. 

1. Eat a miniature fro-yo at DIY fro-yo emporium, Yo-Chi.

2. Grab some mates and chow down on TWO veggie dumplings at Shanghai Village Dumpling House, where you’ll get 18 of them for $7.80.

3. Take a walking tour of our beautiful city for $1… Or for free if you’re feeling tight!

4. Snack on some pinxtos at a Fitzroy institution.

5. Enjoy a $1 pizza slice at St Kilda bar, 29th Apartment.

6. Savour one delicious oyster at the Carlton Wine Room… Then talk yourself into spending significantly more on a delicious glass of vino.

7. Do the same on Monday nights from 6pm at Panama Dining Room, then play a game of pool while overlooking Smith Street.

8. Pick up a bargain (or free!) zine at Melbourne’s coolest underground zine hotspot, the Sticky Institute.

9. Better yet, peruse the free books at the Victoria State Library to your heart’s content.

10. Kick some 90s retro-gaming ass at video game bar, Forgotten Worlds.

11. Spend your $1 on a sharpened pencil and head to the NGV to do some doodling.

12. And while you’re there, toss a shiny dollar into the water feature for luck.

13. Go halfsies on a $2 pot at the Workers Club on Monday nights.

14. Find a cracking dollar item at one of Melbourne’s best op shops.

15. Get your MarioKart on at Bartronica, where you’ll find heaps of consoles, vintage arcade games and craft beers. Win.

16. Haggle with a stall holder at Camberwell Sunday Market for some second-hand treasure.

17. Pick up some veggies at Queen Victoria Market—Tuesdays and Sundays are best for bargains!

18. Eat $1 worth of delicious nuts or superfoods at any of The Source’s stores.

19. Buy a dollar-store padlock, write your lover’s name on it, and lock it to the Southgate footbridge. Who says romance costs the earth?!

20. Go for a swim at Williamstown Beach. It’ll cost you nada.

21. More of a cyclist? Take your wheels to Brunswick Velodrome, where you can do a few laps for exactly $0.00.

22. Book a $1 flight with TigerAir. Yes, we’re serious.

23. Eat a $1 taco at Carlton pub The Dan O’Connell.

24. Get up-close and personal with some wildlife superstars at twilight on St Kilda Beach. Who needs cash when you’ve got miniature penguins?!

25. Tip your favourite barista an extra dollar. Go on, they deserve it.

26. Snack on ¼ of a $4 pizza at Bimbo Deluxe or Lucky Coq. We’re sure someone will cough up the extra $3 for the other slices…

27. Use that $1 to play an excruciatingly tedious game of ‘heads or tails’ with a mate.

28. Enjoy some local live talent and give your $1 to Melbourne’s best/funniest/most god-awful busker.

29. Climb a tree along the riverbank, take a selfie, and toss your $1 into the Yarra. Money, pffft…

Got some more $1 bargain tips? Email them to me here!

Image credit: Bimbo Deluxe

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