3 Melbourne Relaxation Treatments You Need in Your Life

By Clare Acheson
14th May 2015

When it comes to de-stressing, unwinding and really pampering ourselves, it can be tricky to know where to start—there are just sooo many treatments out there, with so many claims to fame!

At The Urban List, we’re lucky enough to have tried out most of Melbourne's best relaxation treatments, from acupuncture, to aromatherapy, to that trusty end-of-day glass of wine on the sofa (works every time…). So, without further ado, here are the top three relaxation treatments in Melbourne that you absolutely need in your life.

Floatation Therapy at Gravity Floatation Centre

Northcote & Armadale

Okay, so we’d forgive you if your first brush with floatation therapy was in The Simpsons. If you’ve never tried floatation therapy—or floating, as it’s more commonly called—get ready for the most blissed out hour of your week, maybe even your life, at Gravity Floatation Centre.

The modern wellness centre has locations in Northcote and Armadale, both of which are the perfect spots for some rest and relaxation. Gravity Floatation Centre has six individual pods, each in its own room with a luxurious shower, skincare products and complimentary towels, meaning you have total privacy, and don’t even have to bring anything with you! From the moment you arrive, it’s a calming, chilled-out experience.

So, what is floating?! Floating involves lying on your back in a bath that’s saturated with Epsom salts, in a pod. The salt solution is heated to the same temperature as your skin, and its high saturation level means that you simply float effortlessly on the surface, almost like being in an anti-gravity chamber.

The benefits of this relaxation treatment are two-fold: Floating allows your body’s muscles to relax into their natural positions, so it’s great for relieving muscle pain or joint stress, and by spending time in complete darkness, your mind can well and truly unwind. If you’re into yoga, meditation or any kind of mindfulness practice, then a session at Gravity Floatation Centre definitely needs to be on your hit-list of Melbourne relaxation treatments!

From $75 pp, or $150 for 3 sessions
Book here

Steam-free Sauna Sessions at Sunlighten

South Melbourne

South Melbourne sauna centre Sunlighten’s steam-free cabins have totally revolutionised how we think about saunas and relaxation treatments in Melbourne. The beautifully modern wellness centre specialises in steam-free saunas—I know, right?!—that heat up your body using infrared technology that penetrates deep within your body, rather than simply causing you to sweat profusely and stick to every surface you touch (can you tell I’ve had a few horrid steam-based public sauna experiences in my time?).

Sunlighten infrared saunas are operated by a snazzy touch-screen control panel, meaning you can choose your own treatment once inside. The relaxation treatments range from focusing on muscle relaxation (which, I can verify, makes your muscles feel like melted butter afterwards) to pain relief and detoxification, and because they’re steam-free, you can take your iPad or Kindle inside for a bit of browsing or reading while you chillax.

Each of the private Sunlighten sauna cabins can fit up to three people at one time too, making it the perfect relaxation treatment for treating a few friends. And if you are feeling like you need refreshing afterwards, there’s a gorgeous bathroom on site, complete with the plushest towels we’ve ever seen, letting you freshen up before heading to the nearby South Melbourne Market for something tasty.

Keen to really reboot and de-stress with the ultimate Melbourne relaxation treatment? Make sure you book in for a session in Sunlighten’s AirPod, their unique oxygen-boosting tank, before you hit the heat.

From $40 per cabin, $15 per additional person
Book here

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage at Miss Fox

Melbourne CBD

A tried and tested relaxation treatment, massages are at their most effective when they’re personalised to your needs, and nobody does it better than the team at CBD beauty and wellness boutique, Miss Fox. The aromatherapy massage is among the best relaxation treatments in Melbourne if you’re in need of something that stimulates all your senses—each of the natural oils and gemstones used in the treatment are selected based on your preference and needs, and their staff really are experts when it comes to knowing how to work out that tricky knot or tense joint.

This particular Miss Fox treatment comes in three durations: an hour-long full body massage, one hour fifteen minutes of full body work, or one hour thirty minutes of full body and focus area treatments. If you’re feeling particularly worked up, or suffer from back and shoulder pain, we definitely recommend the longest option—a one-stop-shop for feeling completely zenned-out when you leave!

Of course, Miss Fox’s in-house experts will advise, but when it comes to relaxation treatments that involve aromatic oils, we’re always a fan of chamomile, frankincense and, in small doses, lavender—the perfect combo to melt away your cares.

1 hour: $160 | 1 hour 15 mins: $190 | 1 hour 30 mins $230
To book, call 1300 647 736

If you’ve never treated yourself to one of these relaxation treatments in Melbourne, Listers, it’s about time you did. Go on, you deserve it!

Image credits: Gravity Floatation Centre (Simon Shiff for The Urban List), Sunlighten (Nick West for The Urban List), Miss Fox

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