5 & Dime Opens Their Own Bagel Heaven

By Hannah Valmadre
20th Aug 2014

Creator of 5 & Dime bagels, Zev Forman, will be opening his own flagship bagel shop on Katherine Place in Melbourne CBD. While there isn't a definite opening date yet, Zev is hoping to crack open the 5 & Dime doors in late September. We'll be first in queue to stock up on Melbourne's best bagels!

Zev is opening what is commonly known in the States as an 'Appetising Store' – for those playing at home, that's a bagel store that also sells all the goodies that goes on or in a bagel. Zev and the 5 & Dime team will be making all of the accompaniments in house; think homemade flavoured cream cheeses, smoked and picked fish, and smoked meats so you can MYO bangin' bagel at home. They'll also be serving coffee, breakfast and lunch for those who wish to sit in.

While Zev has been happy selling his bagels at markets and to some of Melbourne's best cafes, owning his own store where people can come in and see how bagels are traditionally made has always been the dream. "I always wanted a place to give people bagels straight from the oven. I always wanted people to see us boiling them and baking them," explains Zev.  "I think that's our difference, we do it traditionally and a lot of other places in Melbourne use machines to make their bagels and they steam them instead of boil them. I want people to see how bagels are meant to be made." No objection here, Zev; a toasty bagel fresh from the oven is music to our ears.

With a snazzy new place to bake bagels also comes shiny new equipment, and Zev couldn't be more excited about his industrial bagel-baker that's currently in the mail. "Right now we're baking on an old used pizza oven, but we're bringing in a huge bagel oven from Canada designed just for baking bagels to make them in the most traditional way. It's two tons so we're trying to figure out how we're going to get it in!" At the moment 5 & Dime sell their bagels for $2 each and $11 for half a dozen, and Zev wants to keep the price point low. "Bagels are kind of a peasant food and should be reasonably cheap."

So what does the bagel maestro of Melbourne like to have for breakfast? "My favourite would be with some cream cheese, salmon, red onion and capers, just the classic. I also eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly on bagels." If you, like us, are going to be dreaming of PB & J bagels for the next little while, keep and eye on the 5 & Dime Facebook page for official opening information.

Image Credit: Leite's Culinaria

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