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5 New Melbourne Bars You Should Go To Right Now

By Sarah Willcocks
25th Feb 2017

new bars in melbourne

It seems like it was only five minutes ago when we were waxing lyrical about well-soused newcomers like Above Board and Good Heavens. But just like your average Friday night, the drinks (and new bars) never stop—so we’re back with a fresh batch of new Melbourne hideouts for your consideration! Whet your whistle and start checking these watering holes off your list before the sun officially sets on summer.

House of Correction


Goldilocks' new sister bar is housed in a space that was once host to infamous skin flicks and Victorian-era medical equipment. Running with this ominous theme, House of Correction is cheekily designed to feel like a delightful loony bin. Their rotating line-up of cocktail tonics are numbered not named, the walls are indeed padded and experiments in fermentation line the bar.

The Palm Royale


Matt Bax's lauded Der Raum (turned Bars Economico and Exuberante) have left the building. But the team behind Jungle Boy and Boston Sub have retained the latter's Cuban heart while completely transforming the interior with flamingos, palm trees and even a small selection of mini cigars. Order a line-up of Caribbean drinks with a royale twist like Salted Pina Coladas, Agave Old Fashioneds and Coconut Cuba Libres on tap.



You're not hallucinating, the 'Green Fairy' has indeed come to town. Inspired by the Belle Epoch era, Absinthesalon is so obsessed with all things distilled from wormwood that they even offer coffee and cigars infused with real absinthe. Sip the stuff under an illuminated canopy of tulips and pretend you're as witty as absinthe connoisseurs Wilde, Hemingway or Poe (and never fear; it doesn't actually make you see things).


St Kilda

Just moved in next door to the Astor theatre is Overlook bar for all your pre or post-show needs. They've got pastries (including Doughboys Doughnuts and Harrow and Eton pies) as well as The Everleigh's pre-batched cocktails and the best local spirits. Order wine in standard pour or upgrade to 'feature length', 'epic' or the near overflowing 'double feature' level to get you through your cinema experience. Because sometimes, you need a double down on wine at the theatre.

Bar Josephine


If the online reaction to Bar Josephine's arrival in Footscray is any indicator, any aspiring proprietors should look to the West. Craft beer is king at Josephine's; we'll have a round of Espresso Lagers please! You can also easily grab a budget-friendly Negroni if you’re not keen on swinging down beers. Do take your drink of choice and venture out into the ramshackle beer garden for a charming afternoon session.

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Image credit: House Of Correction

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