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5 Ways To Have The Laziest Valentine’s Day Ever

By Ellen Seah
9th Feb 2017


​Fashioned as the most romantic day of the year, if you’ve inconveniently forgotten about your upcoming night of passion, we’ve got your back.

To celebrate the opening of their new Preston store, Kitchen Warehouse is giving away your dream fancy-pants tableware set—complete with champagne glasses, cutlery, table runners and “Cashmere High Rim Coupe Plates”. Yeah, it’s a little bit fancy and your mum would be proud. 

Since your hubby’s first, second and third dinner choice is probably (definitely) booked out by now, here are the five ways to have the laziest Valentine’s Day ever.

1. For The Creative Couple: DIY Indoor Picnic 

Skip the cooking and go on a shopping spree at your local market. Aim for an un-brie-vable range of local cheese, wine and cured meats, which will keep your hubby happy and your stomach happier. Grab the picnic blanket, your least inoffensive candles and set up an indoor picnic complete with fancy cutlery.

2. For The Classic Couple: A Rose Petal Dinner

Express order one of the 8 Cookbooks You Need To Win At Life, pick a recipe and make sure to triple test it. Once you’ve nailed your romantic dinner, set up the table complete with runners, napkins and rose petals because you’re a total gun at life.

3. For The Really, Really Tired Couple: Dinner In Bed

Do dinner in bed, because breakfast in bed is a globally accepted practice and this is the next logical step. Whether you decide to order Chinese takeaway or DIY you own three-course meal, keep things neat with your new cutlery set. Nothing says “I love you” more than clean, crisp sheets, right guys? Right?!

4. For The Ones That Are Really Giant Kids: Dessert For Dinner

Don’t bother with dinner and get straight into dessert. Channel your inner child and get creative by the kitchen sink, with your favourite combination of ice cream, chocolate and lollies. Curl up with a selection of terrible movies and prepare for an early night.

5. For The No-Fuss, No-Frills Couple: Your Favourite Takeaway

Order from your favourite takeaway joint, which is usually strictly reserved for Friday night. Soak up the food, the company and toast to another (couple) of years with a champagne glass of Moet. 

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