50 Melbourne Brunch Dishes To Try In 2017

By Millie Lester
15th Feb 2017

Ok, we admit that sending out a list of fiddy brekky dishes to try during 2017 in mid-Feb is a little rude, but we sincerely have your best interests in heart—which is why we went through all of Melbourne’s cafes with a fine-tooth fork to put together a list of our fifty faves. The even better news is, there’s something in here for everyone, whether it’s the sweet-tooth Sarahs, savoury Sallys, healthy Heaths and forgot-my-wallet-so-make-my-friends-pay-for-my-fritters Franks.

Here are our top fiddy:

  1. The Breakfast Poke at Hawthorn’s Short Straw is an absolute game changer.
  2. The ‘Terrarium’ bircher muesli from Stagger Lee’s in Fitzroy is a delicious piece of goddam art.
  3. If you go to The Crux & Co in the South Melbourne (and you should), order the French toast with mixed berries, nuts, natural honeycomb, mascarpone and vanilla fairy floss, and thank us later.
  4. Feast your eyeballs (and your budz) on Fourth Chapter’s cauliflower falafels in Prahran.
  5. The breakfast pasta at Small Axe Kitchen in Brunswick is an absolute must.
  6. Treat yo’ self to the waffles with poached pear, vanilla custard, candied walnuts, ginger crumble and passionfruit at Mount Waverley’s Son of Tucci.
  7. The zucchini and haloumi fritters at Brother Hen in Moonee Ponds are a MUST.
  8. Drag yourself over to Abacus Bar & Kitchen for the buckwheat and chia crepes, berries, clotted cream, saffron pear, TIM TAMS and ganache.
  9. The organic chickpea hummus with sautéed seasonal greens, poached eggs and Turkish black pepper house-made flatbread at Astroluxe in Bentleigh is well worth phoning home about, and leaving a VERY detailed voicemail about
  10. You haven’t felt love until you’ve tried the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with caviar, watercress and chives at the Grange Road Egg Shop.
  11. Trade your cool man’s longboard in for the hungry man’s brekky board with The Wild Muesli, honey & vanilla yoghurt, smashed avo bruschetta, poached egg, hummus, feta and dukkah at Carnegie’s Left Field.
  12. Fight the Sunday morning crowds at Auction Rooms for a fresh plate of corned beef brisket and potato hash with shredded cabbage, leak, poached eggs, pita bread and Sriracha hollandaise.
  13. Do your mind, body, soul, heart, mental health a favour and grab the Persian feta and potato croquette with poached eggs, sweet corn puree, crispy kale, and manchego cheese from Chapel Street’s Journeyman.
  14. The dessert burger at Long Story Short will make you cry tears of fairy floss, primarily because the whole thing is surrounded by a cloud of it (!!)
  15. Higher Ground’s ‘Benedict Eggs’ with dry-cured ham, béarnaise, sourdough and bacon crumbs is the light at the end of the tunnel for 2017.
  16. The confit free range pork, compressed pear, poached eggs and butter emulsion at Kettle Black will have you forgetting all about your daily Hhomebrand crunchy peanut butter on Wonderwhite.
  17. If you haven’t had the Top Paddock blueberry & ricotta hotcake with berries, maple syrup, seeds & cream, you were never a twenty-year-old girl in Melbourne.
  18. Drop whatever you’re doing right now, head over to The Hardware Societe in the CBD and order the chorizo sausage, potato, piquillo peppers, queso mahon, toasted almonds, aioli and black truffle baked eggs.
  19. Breakfast ramen with smoked bacon and mushroom broth, kaiserfleich, 62° egg and fermented chilli at Armadale’s Mammoth. You’re welcome.
  20. Sink your teeth into the red velvet pancakes with raspberries, black sesame ice cream, cream cheese ganache and chocolate brownie soil at Axil Coffee Roasters.
  21. District North has chorizo, haloumi and corn fritters. I repeat, chorizo, HALOUMI and corn fritters (with Harissa aioli, herb salad, heirloom tomato and poached eggs).
  22. Addict Food And Coffee’s Southern style pulled pork burger with slow cooked pork shoulder, coleslaw, cilantro, nopales, Chipotle mayo, and salt & vinegar shoestring fries is the OTT burg you and your low cholesterol levels have been waiting for.
  23. Rudimentary’s ‘Green Eggs’ are smothered in basil pesto and pancetta served on fresh sourdough and practically begging for a side of potato hash.
  24. Tall Timber. Shakukra gently poached eggs in a base of tomatoes, capsicum, onion, eggplant, and spices with toasted ciabatta. Holy fook.
  25. There’s a pumpkin and haloumi tart with fried egg, brown rice, currants and crispy onion at Brunswick East’s Pope Joan
  26. Small Victories has buttermilk waffles with carrot and white chocolate ganache, cream cheese ice cream, carrot cake, earl grey and prune gel, and chestnut butter, how bow dah?
  27. Two words: Gingerbread hotcakes. Nine more words: with drunken pears, berry coulis, orange mascarpone and pistachios. One place: Miss Marmalade.
  28. Two Birds One Stone's pan seared salmon with potato rosti, broccoli, roasted cauliflower, almond flakes and poached eggs is every bit as delish as it sounds.
  29. Head over to Hawthorn and treat yo’self to crumpets with smoked salmon, poached eggs, fresh avocado and pesto at Liar Liar.
  30. Footscray Milking Station’s corn cakes with guacamole, herb salad, tomato relish, smoked maple syrup and the (compulsory) option of bacon are a MUST in the west.
  31. Bin your family size Special K; we’ve just uncovered Industry Beans’ ‘Truffled Egg’ with zucchini ribbons, pea panna cotta, artichoke crisps, coffee cornbread crumb, almond couscous and pesto.
  32. Pause season 12 episode 5 of Law & Order: SVU and head straight over to Fifty Acres on Bridge Road for pumpkin pancakes with orange segments, citrus mascarpone, candied walnuts and Canadian maple syrup.
  33. Your bad day just got bettah - Wide Open Road serves ‘Zucchini Tacos’ with guacamole, black beans, queso, fresco, chipotle mayo, pickled onion and fried eggs. You heard me.
  34. This one is a secret gem and I feel dirty for even mentioning it, but the Green Refectory in Brunswick serves a $12 (!) ‘Breakfast Stack’ that is bacon, tomato, spinach, haloumi, basil and poached eggs ON TOP of a potato pattie.
  35. THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Pillar Of Salt have peanut butter chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with raspberry, mango and coconut jelly, salted caramel pretzel crumble, Canadian maple syrup and crème fraîche.
  36. Getcha self down to Kensington’s The Premises for ‘Nana’s Trifle French Toast’ with mango, vanilla custard, raspberry jelly and sherry syrup.
  37. You haven’t lived until you’ve had the potato hash with cold smoked Pialligo bacon, two poached eggs, broccolini, bagna cauda at Proud Mary, you’ve been a cold, soulless husk (soz).
  38. Get on down to Hobba in Prahran from their heart attack chocolate and peanut butter waffles with Nutella ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanut brittle and macerated berries.
  39. Tell Siri to block out your calendar between 10-11am on Sunday because Abbotsford’s Three Bags Full has a dish called ‘Three Bags Benedict’ made of poached eggs on a truffled rosti with green hollandaise, apple cider ham hock and herbs, and your cousin’s wedding is just going to have to wait.
  40. PSA: Carlton’s Naughty Boy serve DONUT FRENCH TOAST with custard espuma, berry gel and fresh berries and you need to get on down there toot sweet (sorry, but it’s true).
  41. Friends Of Mine has a particularly smashing smashed avo (pardon the pun) with a medley of beetroots, feta, chimichurri dressing and lime on five-grain toast.
  42. Drugstore Espresso sells more than just discounted Ibuprofen (that’s a joke, guys, it’s not a real drugstore) it also serves up a Japanese pulled pork pancake with spring onions, Japanese mayo, shiitake mushrooms, Okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and a soft poached egg (lawwd, give me strength).
  43. Touchwood’s ‘Breakfast Tacos’ are heaven on a bent corn chip with coriander scrambled eggs, avocado, house baked beans, charred corn, potato, jalapeños, Dijon aioli and Gruyère cheese.
  44. Seven Seeds are not only a delicious distraction from going to your stats lecture, but they now also serve coconut crusted crumpet French toast with grilled pineapple, basil seeds, rice pudding, goji and quinoa crumbs, chocolate soil and pineapple curd…
  45. Everything at the Serotonin Eatery is healthy but the food tastes good anyway (lol jk, of course it does), including the ‘Medicinal Mexican Waffle’ served with rainbow heirloom tomatoes, parsley, avocado guacamole, spring onion, green hot chilli, grilled Spanish onion and corn on the cob, topped with popcorn.
  46. The only thing better than eating Nutella out of the jar in bed while watching reruns of Always Greener, is heading over to Penta Elsternwick and ordering their Nutella panna cotta with a nut butter banana sushi, honey joy crumb, strawberries, pomegranate molasses and torched marshmallows.
  47. Get your lil’ piggy on at Mr Mister with their potato rosti with pulled pork, crackling, caramelised apple butter, poached eggs, kale and grilled flatbread.
  48. You don’t just have to get your hokey pokey fix from a $4.50 tub of Homebrand ice cream at Woolies because Legacy in Camberwell serve hokey pokey hotcakes with honeycomb, orange, ricotta, vanilla bean mascarpone, pomegranates and strawberries.
  49. Get fancy AF with a trip to Breakfast Thieves and a plate of crisp sweet corn and zucchini fritters on cream of saffron cauliflower, beetroot mousse, honey-orange blossom carrot, crushed pistachio and poached eggs
  50. Mama Bear’s ‘Open Beef Brisket’ with field mushrooms, caramelised onions, swiss cheese, fried eggs, Worcestershire mayo, pickled cucumber HP sauce, rocket and witlof salad is the primary reason the west is the best.

Feel like branching out into lunch or dinner? Here are the best places we ate at in 2016.

Image credit: Penta | Image credit: Griffin Simm

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