6 of the Best Cookies in Melbourne

By Stephen A Russell
14th Oct 2014

When it comes to munching manically, we're with Cookie Monster, caught red-handed in the jar and covered in damning crumb evidence. There's just something so wonderfully alluring about shedding the years and zipping right back to kidhood, with cookies hitting just the right spot to make us feel young again. 

We've picked out some of the best cookie experiences we've had at the best cafes around town, but don't hesitate to confide in us when it comes to your faves, Listers. Here are 6 of the best cookies in Melbourne – are you ready to crumble?

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookie...Cobb Lane


Yarraville's a pretty idyllic spot to wind back the clocks with its cutesy village of yesteryear feel, and we rarely cross the West Gate Bridge without dropping in on Matt Forbes' delicious haven of baked goodies, Cobb Lane. A teeny spot, you'll be hard push to grab a table in rush hour, but they make a mean takeaway coffee in which to dunk your cookie in secrecy, and we absolutely love their gluten free peanut butter effort, proving you don't need wheat for a tasty treat. If you're down with gluten-loading, we also love both their salted caramel and cardamom cookie, and their double chock and hazelnut offering. 

Marshmallow & White Chocolate Cookie...Truman Cafe

Albert Park

There are few things we loved more about out childhood then the foamy goodness of a sweetly melting marshmallow on our cheekily stuck-out tongues. Hence why every kid goes nuts for a baby chino. We've also been a bit slack on the white chocolate loving since we were knee high to a grasshopper, which probably goes a long way to explain why we often find ourselves making a beeline for Albert Park's Truman Cafe. Their outstanding marshmallow and white chocolate cookie delivers both to devastatingly delicious effect. 

Callebaut Chocolate & Sea Salt Cookie...Earl Canteen

Melbourne CBD

It's not all about Melbourne's best sandwiches at Earl Canteen. They also make a mean cookie, which you can grab at any of their three city centre venues – on Bourke Street, Collins Place or in Emporium. There are a several enticing options, but we just can't say no to their mind-blowing Callebaut chocolate and sea salt cookie. Something about that delicious Belgian chocolate richness cut through with the ocean's tang of that sharp salt kick makes us go all misty eyed. In fairness, their coconut and lime zest sugar cookie is pretty special, too. 

Vanilla Cookie...Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop 

Ascot Vale

One of the best things about Ascot Vale's Mister Nice Guy is you don't even have to go in to embarrass yourself by ordering a zillion of their tasty cookies - they deliver in face-saving boxes! Our finely honed sweet tooth can thoroughly recommend their vanilla cookie option, with all cookies vegan, and several gluten-free, too, so allergies be damned. Be warned, the cookies tend to be occasional cameo stars, so perhaps phone ahead to avoid disappointment if you're dropping in to the Ascot Vale store on Union Road. 

Milk Bar Cookie...Paperboy Kitchen

Melbourne CBD

Top marks for originality goes to Little Lonsdale Street's Paperboy Kitchen and their fabulous sweet and sour concoction, dubbed the milk bar cookie. Worlds collide in this flavour sensation, with the salty side admirably represented by a mishmash of crushed pretzels and salt and vinegar chips, and the sweet dose coming from a hullabaloo of white and dark choc chips. Sturdy oats bind this mixed up selection together and the Vietnamese iced coffee is the perfect drop to wash it all down. 

Chocolate, Apricot & Macadamia Cookie...Three Bags Full


Perhaps unsurprisingly, fruit often gets a bit overlooked in favour of chocolate chips et al when it comes to making the sweet treats that are our favourite cookies. One stalwart on the fruity cookie scene is Abbotsford's pumping Three Bags Full. We can't help but devour their chocolate (ok, so it's not ALL fruit), apricot and macadamia version, with that yum nutty kick, too. Also well worth trying are their gluten-free apricot and pistachio numbers and the white choc, macadamia and cranberry.

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