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5 Last-Minute Plans For A Wintery Friday Night In

By Urban List Writers
27th Jul 2018

It was one degree in the morning the other day, which is not an appropriate environmental temperature for human survival. Now that winter has officially hit Melbourne, we teamed up with Liquorland to put together a foolproof list of last-minute Friday night plans. Because what is a weekend plan without a little wine?

#1 Sports, Pizza & Beer Night

Order your favourite slice from the best local spots (if you need some inspo check out this article), and pair it with craft beer labels including Two Birds Brewing and Little Creatures. No matter how bad (or cold) the week has been, we can guarantee pizza and beer will fix everything. New look Liquorland stores offer a six-pack pick 'n mix, so if you can't choose between your fave craft beers (us, every night), you can have a bit of everything.

#2 Cheeseboards, Board Games & Wine

Keep the most competitive board game player an arms-length away from the board (and more importantly, the wine). Plenty of inspo for cheeseboard creation exists right here and with Coles and Liquorland positioned as neighbours, you can pick up everything you need in one post-work swoop.

#3 Friday Date Night

For your long-term bae, be the dream date night in with a homemade dinner, drinks and their favourite flick. We have an extremely helpful, hand-curated selection of recipes right here.

#4 Bachelorette Reruns For A Girls' Night In

Bachelor In Paradise might be all wrapped up for 2018, but luckily for your brain cells (and dignity), The Bachelor and Bachelorette have yet to kick off. To rehash what happened in the last few seasons (hint: it might get a wee bit repetitive), tune into your fave past season with a few drinks to keep it entertaining (you’ll need them). Try Jinzu Gin or 23rd Signature if you need to speed up the night.

#5 A Party Just 'Coz & Punch

Fire up the group chat, pick up some nibbles, tee up the tunes (anyone else feeling 00's R'n'b?) and kick off your weekend with an impromptu get-together. Who's going to say no to that?!

Image credit: Aaron Cuthbert

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