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6 Winter Beauty Swaps to Make This Minute!

By Clare Acheson
20th May 2015

Winter’s hellish for more reasons than just having to pop on another jumper in the mornings. If you’re anything like me, the slightest change in the temperature causes your skin to go berserk and your hair to look lifeless. Dry patches! Dull hair! Neon spray tans! They’re all common mistakes that can be solved with a few simple beauty swaps. Read on, beauties, and you’ll be wowing your way through winter!

Hair: Swap summer highlights for warm, rich multi-tonal colour

According to Melissa Erskine, senior colourist at top Melbourne hair salon Meddlers, “If summer was time to shine, then winter is time to glow. Forget about the balayagè or dyed ends for this season and instead swap your hair colour for something more dimensional and tonal.

“Embrace warm rich colours, but don’t think for a second you need to go into having a boring block painted-on colour. Go for more than two dimensions of colour—start by highlighting areas and then add a warm, deep, reflective glow complemented by a colour that’s a shade or two lighter with a different reflect. This creates the perfect 3D tone when the winter sun comes out to play.”

Skin: Swap surface-polishing facials for some next level skin therapy

Winter is the perfect time to swap your surface-level skin treatments for something that will really rejuvenate your complexion. Jazmin Camilleri of Skinovations, one of the best beauty salons in Melbourne for serious facials and killer skin treatments, recommends using winter as an opportunity to amp up your complexion for spring.

“Tell-tale signs of post-summer skin include thickened, rough skin, uneven skin tone, and fine lines (where did they come from?!). Winter is the perfect opportunity to hit undo! Skin treatments that leave the skin exposed are best done in the cooler, cloudier months to ensure you don’t unnecessarily compromise your skin, and you’ll be prepped for spring—just think of hitting the party season, weddings and racing carnivals with a glowing, amazing complexion!”

(Pssst: Skinovations is the best facial studio in Melbourne to max out on an annual treatment too. Their amazing Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel requires a couple of weeks’ preparation, so book a consultation with your skin therapist asap to maximise your winter beauty window. You’ll thank us later!)

And… Swap your daily moisturiser for something more nourishing

Everyone knows you need to switch your moisturiser with the seasons, don’t they? Those of you shaking your heads, consider yourselves corrected! Finding the right winter moisturiser can be tricky, but the general rule of thumb is to opt for something that’s richer, more nourishing, and that provides a barrier between your skin and the elements. Claire, the owner and namesake of top Melbourne beauty salon Claire Francoise says: “For Winter, we love SMC from Aspect—it’s a super nourishing moisturiser to support dry, dehydrated skin. Perfect for keeping your skin in check during the colder months!”

Tan: Swap that beach-ready tan for something more believable

There’s NOTHING worse than a spray tan that makes you look like you’ve been Tango’d in the winter months. What can look like a healthy beach-ready tan in summer translates as cheesy Dorito orange when the sun isn’t shining every day.

Katie Harvey from Miss Fox, one of Melbourne’s best spray tanning destinations, says, “It's important to realise that you don't need to be the same shade of golden brown all year round. For the cooler months don't be afraid to rock your gorgeous pale skin; however, if you absolutely have to bronze, then look for a tan with a subtle glow to help take the edge off. The key isn't to look ‘tanned’, but glowing.

“My go-to for winter is St Tropez Gradual Tan. With its low DHA levels, and intensive moisturising ingredients, it's perfect for giving the skin a slight tint without being too dark. Dust a little Jane Iredale ‘Moonglow Illuminator’ on the collarbones and across the tops of the shoulders, and he-llo beautiful winter skin!"

Fragrance: Swap light florals for something warmer and spicier

Spring and summer florals obviously aren’t ideal when it comes to the chillier months—you’ve got to move with the seasons! Warmer, spicier scents that have woody undertones are much more winter-appropriate, and can be paired with your favourite florals for a welcoming winter fragrance.

Laura Gay, manager of Kleins Perfumery in Fitzroy, recommends Off Broadway, one of the store’s own fragrances which is available online and in-store, for the colder months. “A highly flirtatious and sexy fragrance inspired by the Off-Broadway movement of the 1950s, Off Broadway is a little warmer and spicier, so perfect for winter.

“You’ll love the powdery charm of dusty velvet and the playful notes of Rose, Ylang Ylang, spicy Cardamom, Cedarwood and Indonesian Patchouli, and you’ll be supporting local—it’s made in Melbourne, formulated using distilled grape alcohol from the Australian Barossa Valley.”

Body: Swap your fruit-heavy diet for vegie juices

Healthy skin starts from the inside out, folks. It’s a great idea to up your intake of antioxidants and vitamins during winter to boost your skin’s ability to protect itself from free-radical damage (they’re the particles in the air that cause ageing and decay…Science!). Our mates at Karmic Cold Pressed Juice recommend turning towards vegetables rather than fruits in the colder months.

“The real key to the success of Karmic juices, is that none of our cleanse juices have fruits—we say ‘eat your fruit, juice your vegetables,’” say the Karmic crew. “This way you’re giving your body an easily absorbed source of essential vitamins and minerals (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins A, C, E, K and potassium) that keep your skin youthful, glowing and balanced with moisture and hydration.”

Image credit: Beauty High via Pinterest

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