8 of Melbourne’s Best Cold Coffees

By Stefanie Reilly - 13 May 2015

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Little Big Sugar Salt
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The Final Step
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Market Lane Coffee | Prahran Market
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Dead Man Espresso
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It's no secret that Melbourne is King when it comes to coffee. Frothy cappuccinos, creamy lattes and strong espressos are just some of the many varieties this caffeinated city likes to gulp with gusto. And just when we think it can’t get any better, there’s now a whole new breed of coffees gracing our cafe menus alongside our much-loved stalwarts. From exciting cold drips to tasty pour-overs and yummy spritzes, make way for a super cool posse of cold concoctions to keep you well caffeinated. Before you ask how you tell the difference between an iced coffee, a spritz, a pour over and a cold drip, read on, because we’ve scoured the streets and talked to the pros to bring you an incredible guide to Melbourne best cold coffees. 

Iced Cold Latte at St Ali 

South Melbourne
First up is none other than St Ali with their amazing Iced Cold Latte served in a bottle. Head Barista Leon Holdsworth is at the helm, making sure this baby is perfect for anyone wanting a cold coffee hit on the run. Made with St Ali’s Orthodox espresso blend, which is 50% Colombian from a co-operative in Pitalito and 50% Brazilian from a farm in South Minas, it’s just as delicious as it is exotic. Combined with organic unrefined Panella sugar, the espresso base is chilled before being added to Demeter certified Bio-dynamic homogenised milk. The result? An amazing creamy texture, similar to a regular latte. Not bad at all! Oh and for those who want to make sure they’re getting the right amount of caffeine in the mornings, one bottle of Iced Cold Latte is the exact same strength as having a large. St Ali coffee—perfecto!

Cold Drip at Little Big Sugar Salt

Little Big Sugar Salt in Abbotsford you’ll find three delicious bottled cold drip brews—Cold Long Black, Cold Squeezed Nuts and Cold Flat White. Judging by their names, you’d probably think these coffees are made with espresso, right? Wrong. For the Cold Long Black it’s all about steeping single origin coffee overnight in cold water, then filtering it twice before it’s bottled. For the Cold Flat White and Cold Squeezed Nuts, a blend called South from Coffee Supreme is used. It’s steeped in a similar fashion to the Cold Long Black, but at a much higher concentrate, and is mixed with St David’s Dairy full cream milk with a touch of yummy maple syrup. The Cold Squeezed Nuts is mixed with Almond milk, again with a little maple syrup added and yummy fresh vanilla! It’s creamy, it’s smooth, and it’s definitely our pick of the bunch! The best part? These little guys are all made in conjunction with Umbrella Beverage Corp, which is Little Big Sugar Salt’s wholesale business, so chances are you might see these babies pop up in a few different places too! Keep an eye out.

First Press Cold Drip at Wholesale Cold Drip 

First Press Coffee is a cold drip wholesale business servicing a stack of cafes throughout Australia. Made by slowly dripping pure filtered water through high quality ground single origin coffee over a 10-hour period, First Press Cold Drip eliminates most of the bitter and acidic oils that are typically found in hot coffee. First Press Coffee also mixes perfectly with nut milks if you’re looking for a slightly healthier twist! Best of all, First Press Coffee comes in easy 10 serve 500ml bottles to create your own cold coffee concoctions and single serve 50ml bottles for when you need an iced coffee hit on the run. Get your First Press Cold Drip from gourmet food stores including Harris Farms, Thomas Dux and Aunt Maggies. Make sure you check out the website for a whole stack of creative Cold Drip recipes you can try out too! Cinnamon Orange Coffee Crush anyone?

Iced Coffee at Final Step 

South Yarra
If you love an iced coffee as much as we do, you’re going to love what the guys at South Yarra café
Final Step do! These babies are so good because they’re so simple and don’t involve cream (score!). First they mix a double shot of espresso with a touch of sugar over ice cubes, then they texturise the milk just like you would for a latte but not enough to heat it too much. The milk is then poured over the iced espresso, which combines to make a silky, creamy iced coffee that’s ready for the taking. Yes please! Insider Tip: You can’t go to Final Step without trying one of their amazing cookie sandwiches. A match made in heaven don’t you think?

Iced Spritz at Market Lane Coffee 

South Yarra 
For something a little different but equally delicious, head to
Market Lane Coffee in South Yarra to try their amazing Iced Spritz. Made from a double shot of espresso coffee (around 40ml), poured over a 120ml glass of iced FeverTree tonic water, the Iced Spritz is perfect when you’re after something a little more refreshing. The espresso is a blend of Santa Rita from Brazil and Mamani family from Bolivia. Each day Market Lane offers an alternative espresso for customers to try, so this could be anything from a small lot from a farm or a coffee being retailed as a single estate espresso. Basically, you get to choose! Expect a wonderful balance of sweetness, acidity and quinine kick!

Iced Latte at Dead Man Espresso 

South Melbourne 
You’ll find a few different types of cold coffees at Dead Man Espresso. First up is the iced latte, which is made using the Dead Man house blend. It has just the right amount of body and acidity to cut through the milk, leaving a simple and creamy flavour that can be enjoyed with brekkie or a morning or afternoon snack! These guys also do a batch cold brew that’s dished up in either a glass or a take away bottle. Take a sip and you’ll discover a deep, syrupy almost honey-like sweetness, which creates a really addictive flavour. You can also grab this little guy in a milk-based version too, which is perfect if you like your coffee a little more on the creamy side.

Coconut Cold Drip at Touchwood

The team at one of Melbourne’s best cafes,
Touchwood, like to shake things up a bit and they may very well be the only cafe in Richmond, if not Melbourne, who offer a very special coconut cold drip! In a nutshell (or perhaps a coconut shell) this little doozy features freshly ground coffee infused in organic coconut juice. Whoa! The whole process takes around 12 hours but the result is a slightly sweeter and less acidic specialty coffee that’s pretty darn impressive we must say!

Cold Drip at Aunty Peg's

At specialty coffee house Aunty Peg's, the coffee is roasted in house in Collingwood and then sent down to Geelong to be brewed for between 40 and 55 hours with cold water. It’s then filtered, charged with Nitrogen and kegged all ready to be served on tap in-house at Aunty Peg's. With the added ingredient of Nitrogen, this heavenly drip pours like a thick stout with a creamy head and is definitely worth a try! It goes without saying but the Aunty Peg's crew are all about experimentation and use a number of different coffees to create each batch. If you head on over now, you’ll find the Argon\nitro charged cold brew using a delicious blend of Brazil and Rwanda. Sound good? We’ll meet you there!

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Image Credit: Cold Drip at LBSS—Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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