9 of Melbourne’s Best Bacon Dishes

By Clare Acheson
6th May 2015

Listers, I’ve been staring at a blank screen for a few minutes trying to pen this first sentence in a way that does the subject matter justice, and I just. Can’t Do it. BACON. How the hell can I sum up bacon with mere words?

To me, dear reader, bacon is comparable to a religious experience. A good bacon dish is a little glimpse of heaven; a great bacon dish is a transcendental epiphany, involuntary “possessed by the spirit” convulsions and all. So consider this my gift to you, meat-lovers—a list of Melbourne’s best bacon dishes sourced from the most hallowed pork purveyors in our glorious city. All hail the church of bacon!

Bacon, Egg & Homemade Brown Sauce Sandwich at Pope Joan

East Brunswick

I can literally feel the Jesus sunbeams shining on my grease-glazed hands every time I bite into the perfection that is Pope Joan’s signature bacon sandwich. The menu says it’s David’s bacon—I’ve got no idea who you are, David, but you deserve a big, fat bacon-y sainthood for your services to this culinary cause. One of Melbourne’s best breakfasts to defeat a hangover.

Breakfast Ramen with Bacon Dashi at Hammer & Tong 412


Firstly, props to Fitzroy cafe Hammer & Tong, because the concept of breakfast ramen is a stroke of genius in itself. Of course, it’s only made better by the inclusion of bacon (and some mushrooms, spring onions, and a perfectly cooked 60˚ egg). Wondering what the bacon dashi is all about? That’s the broth the ramen noodles come served in…LIQUID BACON, you guys! Truly, the water of life, if you ask me.

The Lumberjack Pancakes at Trunk

Melbourne CBD

If a double stack of buttermilk pancakes served with crispy bacon and maple butter isn’t a testament to the existence of God, then I don’t know what is. Trunk, we salute you.

Mr Meat Burger at Mr Burger

Various locations

When it comes to bacon in burgers, I like to keep it simple, and this Mr Meat Burger from Mr Burger does just that. A traditional, sloppy, butchers-paper wrapped affair, the Mr Meat burger is a failsafe route to no-frills bacon nirvana.

Avocado Hummus Toast with Eggs, Honey-candied Bacon and Dukkah at Journeyman


If you’re a lover of the sweet and the savoury, the sugar and the salt, then honey-candied bacon is a thing of Melbourne breakfast dreams. This delicious dish from Journeyman adds in a couple of extra flavours to keep things interesting but, really, the bacon is where it’s at.

Bacon Aioli at Temple Brewing Co.

Brunswick East

The Lord said, “Let there be a bacon-aioli hybrid,” and there was. Baconoli? Baioli? Regardless, this Temple Brewing Co. creation is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Coffee Glazed Bacon and Chive Mascarpone Grilled Sandwich at Code Black Coffee


Praise be to coffee glazed bacon—the sweet, meaty manna from the Brunswick East brunch heaven that is Code Black. This incredible creation combines two of our favourite loves here at The Urban List in one mouth-watering sandwich filling of delight, which comes topped with a coffee infused fried egg. Consider yourself a doubter? You’ll be a convert after one bite.

Mac’n’Cheese with Crumbed Bacon at The Gem Bar & Restaurant


Praise be to the humble bacon crumb! The Gem Bar & Restaurant in Collingwood sprinkles its mac’n‘cheese with shredded bacon crumbs, making for the tastiest meat-based topping we’ve discovered in Melbourne this year. So much so that I’ve decided crumbed bacon should be an optional extra of awesomeness served with every breakfast in Melbourne. And lunch and dinner for that matter.

Any and All of the Bacon Dishes at East Elevation

Brunswick East

The chefs at Brunswick East cafe East Elevation must’ve sold their souls to the devil himself for bacon this good. I swear the last time I had bacon here it was a half-inch thick, so think of this more as a steak. Only bacon. Bliss.

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Image credit: MyRecipes via YouTube

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