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A Dog-Friendly Winery Cinema Is Coming To Melbourne!

By Ellen Seah
18th Jan 2016

dog winery cinema

People are okay, but dogs are better. They never leave the toilet seat up, they’re always happy to greet you after a long day at work (with appropriate levels of excitement), and they won’t judge you for staying in to Netflix and chill for the third Friday night in a row.

Patient, loving and way cuter than that weirdo you saw on Tinder, why take some random date to the movies when you can take your favourite furry friend? Gourmet Pawprints is giving you the opportunity to enjoy wine, food and your best four-legged friend this summer with an outdoor doggy cinema! Did someone say best #datenight ever?! 

Set for Saturday 20 February, tickets include dinner, a glass of red and the PG pup-friendly movie Oddball. While you enjoy some hearty paella (vegetarian/vegan options are available), your best bud can have a tail-wagging time with a gift bag full of canine treats. The animal-loving team at Gourmet Pawprints will also be roaming on the night to assist with any mud-rolling, dog losing, I-need-another-glass-of-wine issues.

We know Melbourne is going to go into full squee mode over this event, so book your tickets online now for the PAW-fect date night. #sorrynotsorry

The Doggy Winery Cinema will be at Witchmont Winery from 6.30pm on Saturday 20 February. You can book your tickets via the Gourmet Pawprints website

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Image credit: hdwyn.com

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