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Melbourne’s Getting an Underground Tiki Bar

By Clare Acheson
28th Apr 2015

If you’re looking to be transported to a magical tropical island (or perhaps a tiki den of sin…), this brand new bar in Collingwood is going to be your new watering hole of choice. The latest pop-up venue to hit the northside, Aloha Sailor is situated underneath notorious cocktail joint The Noble Experiment and promises delicious tiki-themed drinks, shady booths and a theatrical experience that can’t be matched.

With twenty-five years in the drinks industry, proprietor Linus Schaxmann wanted to make Aloha Sailor as unique an experience as possible.

“We didn’t just want to want to open a bar that served drinks,” he told The Urban List. “We wanted to open a bar that created a unique, memorable drinking experience and for that, we had to build a tiki bar.”

As well as drinks that pack a (tropical) punch—think barrel aged rums, gins and sweet brandies—Aloha Sailor will serve up some drool-worthy bar snacks thanks to young gun chef, Cameron Bell. Taro spiced fries with jungle mayo, four chilli chicken wings, shallot-seasoned crispy suckling pig?! Heck yes!

The new venue is an ode to the pioneer of tiki, a one-time Ernest Raymond Gant who is better known to the wider world as Donn Beach (whatta name!), who became the first tiki bar owner in the States when he opened his LA venue in 1934. We’d recommending tackling this new venture in the only way that’s suitable—by booking our a booth, which comes with a treasure chest of magic tiki juice. (In case you’re wondering what a treasure chest of alcohol amounts to, it’s a whopping FIVE LITRES. Ouch.)

Aloha Sailor opens its hidden passageway on Friday 8th May. Cheers!

Aloha Sailor | Underneath The Noble Experiement
Open from Friday 8th May

Image credit: Aloha Sailor

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