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All The Places You Can Adopt Animals In Melbourne

By Millie Lester
4th Apr 2017

The first rule of being a human is don't walk slowly through Melbourne Central while on your phone, the second rule is don't buy animals from pet shops. You have no idea where these little guys have come from and you may even be supporting a horrible puppy farm by purchasing one—which is why you should always look for your next family member at an animal shelter. These smol fluffers will almost always be de-sexed, vaccinated, immunised, wormed and have received the best possible care, even though they may have come from a rough background. Plus they're usually cheaper and you're also saving a life—it's literally win-win.

Here are the best animal shelters to adopt from in Melbourne.


Burwood East

The RSPCA is the mac daddy of animal adoption centres in Australia. Their Burwood East shelter is literally bigger than Buckingham Palace (probably). Here you can pick from a plethora of puppers, doggos, kittehs, guineapiggos, bunnyrabs, neigh neighs, sheepies etc etc. All their animals are given the best of the best in terms of veterinary care, facilities and just general love, plus you get a free coffee when you adopt an animal.

The Cat Protection Society Of Victoria, Greensborough

When you arrive at the Cat Protection Society of Victoria reception desk, you’re asked if you’re there to adopt or to cuddle, which I’m pretty sure is what they ask you when you arrive at the gates to heaven. These guys are a little operation in Greensborough, but they’re full of a whole lot of kitteh. Upon arrival, you’re given a key and directed to the ‘cat room’ where you can unlock the enclosure of any cat or kitten and give it a cuddle and pat ‘til the cows come home.

The Lost Dogs Home

North Melbourne

Located in North Melbourne, this animal rescue centre caters exclusively to cats and dogs. You can check out all the available furry munchkins on their website (where you can also find a truck load of info on the adoption process), or you can see them for yourself at the Lost Dogs Home's Gracie Street location.

Lort Smith

North Melbourne

Lort Smith is another animal shelter that should be at the top of your pet-seeking list. Here you can adopt both cats and dogs (and even the odd rabbit), and also drop off a pet you lured into your lounge room with cooked chicken and an assortment of bells found wandering on the street alone.  


Glen Iris

Like the Lost Dogs Home, Save-A-Dog’s name is pretty misleading because they also have cats and kittens. This little Glen Iris shelter has been in operation for thirty-two years and has saved thousands of lives. Other than providing a forever home for a lil pupper or kitteh in need, you can also support Save-A-Dog and it’s many furry friends by purchasing a case of their Goodwill Wine, which is unlabelled boutique wine sourced from wineries across Australia. So if you’re in the market for another family member or just a way of putting up with your current ones, definitely make time for a trip to Save-A-Dog.

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Image credit: RSPCA QLD

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