Guys, The Bachelor In Paradise Trailer Has Dropped

By Ange Law
15th Feb 2018

Guys. Love is in the air and we for one are so damn excited we’re about to dive deep into TenPlay and rewatch all of Anna and Tim’s season. Too much? Didn’t think so.

For anyone struggling to fill the Osher shaped hole in their heart, last night our friends at Ten F-I-N-A-L-L-Y gave us two whole minutes of Bachie in Paradise and TBH, we can’t even deal. The big news? We have three new bachelorettes. The less big and highly obvious news, there will be tears, there will be more tears and quite possibly a shirtless man or two. 

Bring on the dramah we say, but with no set on-air date for our iCals just yet, get ready for the best 2 minutes of your life #thanksApollo.

Keira Maguire 

‘Nuff said. 

Laurina Fluere

The words’ dirty street pie’ will forever be synonymous with this absolute legend and seriously, can someone just give Laurina her own show already?

Michael Turnbul

He doesn’t say a single damn word in the trailer (no one is surprised) but he does make some serious eyes at Lisa Hyde.

Apollo Jackson

He twirls fire and we die.

Lisa Hyde

Lisa’s looking for the man of her dreams. Again. Honestly though, she really dodged a blake shaped bullet in season two. All we see from her are some tears in the back seat, but we know she has so much more.

Florence Moerenhout

The Queen of sass drops one line only and we already know she’ll deliver all the sassy goods we’ve been hoping for: “I’m actually embarrassed”. We all  knowwww she’s embarrassed for someone else’s stupidity. 

Davey Lloyd 

Pimp ring Davey is back and we don’t really have any words/feels/thoughts on this one except we hope he’s dropped the massive rings (in the ocean, ideally). 

Tara Pavlovic

Cue multiple shots of our favourite bogan crying, talking about love squares (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and making us love her even more than we already did. 

Luke McLeod

One of our eagle-eyed friends at Pedestrian spotted this guy having his bones jumped on the beach. And if the intel’s wrong, blame them not us. 

Ali Oetjen

We didn’t learn much about Ally in the trailer but you’d remember her #iconic exit from the show and if you don’t, Tim left her with a broken leg, crying on the stairs. Yeah. 

Jarrod Woodgate

Per usual, Jarrod is bringing all of the emotions and that’s just in the trailer. He’s happy, he’s sad, he’s crying and TBH we’re pretty sure he proposes… to Laurina? We’re calling this one way early and remember you heard it here first. 

We're also hanging out for this one, because Sophie Monk is bae. 

Image credit: Tenplay

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