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Beauty By Numbers | Top Skincare Tips For Your 20s, 30s and 40s

By Iro Kotsimbos
18th Feb 2015

Attention, Listers—a crime has been committed and I’m pretty sure most of us are guilty of it.

The crime in question? Using the same skincare products and following the same routine for longer than any of us care to remember. That’s right—thinking you can stick with the same old beauty routine is one of the biggest skin sins out there!

And it just won’t do, fellow skincare slackers! As we beauties age, it’s important to address the specific skin concerns that pop up in your 20s, 30s and naughty 40s. What you use while you’re footloose and fancy-free won’t necessarily be a power potion after a few decades of laughing, indulging, sun-baking (umm-mahh!), and potential rugrats chasing you around.

Not sure where to start? We went straight to the High Priestesses of Perfect Skin, aka the women behind some of the best beauty salons in Melbourne, for their expert opinions and top tips on skincare during your 20s, 30s and 40s.

Read on, Listers—glowing skin awaits!


IN YOUR 20s…

The Expert: 

Take Off Skin & Body in North Melbourne

‘When you’re in your 20s it’s so important to have a good, solid skincare routine in place (cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and sunscreen at a bare minimum). It doesn’t have to be super fancy or complicated, just tailored to your individual skin needs. At this age, prevention is better than the cure—it’s never too early to start looking after your skin!’ 

Take Off Skin & Body’s Top Tips:

1.    ‘Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Forget anti-ageing serums; the number one product you should be using is a physical (as opposed to chemical) sunscreen. The sun is our worst enemy when it comes to ageing and using sunscreen is the first line of defence!’ At TUL, we’re huge fans of O Cosmedics Mineral Pro, a silky smooth physical sunscreen available at Take Off Skin & Body.

2.    ‘Make sure you’re cleansing morning and night, always removing your make-up before bed and using good quality products instead of the cheap stuff from the supermarket.’ Not sure how to differentiate the good stuff from the cheap & nasty products? Find out more here.

3.    ‘20-something skin types can also benefit from adding a targeted serum to your skincare routine. Vitamin A based serums are terrific for skin cell renewal and maintaining that youthful glow, Vitamin B for skin strength and hydration, or Vitamin C to maintain collagen and elastin production.’ Aspect are our go-to for serums here at The Urban List—take your pick from Retinol Brulee (Vitamin A), Extreme B (Vitamin B…duhh) or Extreme C (Vitamin C…double duhh).

The Must-Try Treatment:

‘Think you’re too young for skin maintenance? Think again! Regular facials are a great way of looking after the health of your skin—in particular, peels to assist in exfoliating and hydrating the epidermis.’

We love, love, love the Aspect Lactobotanical Peel at Take Off Skin & Body—hands down, one of Melbourne’s best facials—and O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning in Pomegranate or Pumpkin. Both are great entry-level peels and, unlike peels of the past, are gentle on the skin (so no Samantha from SATC sitch!).


IN YOUR 30s…

The Expert: 

Skinovations in Beaumaris

‘So many clients in their 30s start off by coming in just for a chat about their skin—reason being, this is the age when you start to see the effects of a very fun 20s, and perhaps even hormonal changes from having children. Around your 30s is when you’ll probably realise a lot of the products you’ve been using are no longer cutting it. It’s no coincidence because it’s around the age of 28 that our cell turnover starts to slow down, and before you know it—BAM!—time to find a skin solution.’

Skinovations’ Top Tips:

1.    ‘Unless you have some secret I don’t know about, you are TIME POOR. In your 30s there’s no time for products or facials that don’t address your individual skin needs, so go ahead and throw out all of your old, never-did-anything-anyway skincare. Stop wasting your time on stuff that’s not working and start with something that can—make sure this happens by teaming up with someone who knows your skin.’

2.    ‘Your 30s is the perfect time to step up your skincare routine, starting with a cleanser containing active ingredients. A good quality one will you back around $40—it’ll set you up for success without breaking the bank. We also recommend stepping up your serums to include an antioxidant like Vitamin C to help “feed” your skin, along with a gentle retinol to assist in cell turnover.’ Skinovations are stockists of active skincare brands DMK, Cosmedix and Aspect—the first two have AMAZING cleansers and the third is our go-to for super serums.

3.    ‘At the end of the day, make sure that you address any skin concerns in your 30s—there’s no time to waste! The longer you leave your pigmentation, congestion, or early signs of ageing, the longer it will take to correct and the more you will be tempted into heavy duty treatments that may compromise the integrity of your skin.’

The Must-Try Treatment:

‘In your 30s, it’s all about finding YOUR facialist—your go-to skin therapist who you can help you address your skin concerns via a series of targeted treatments and products. Think of it as having a regular doctor; after all, your GP knows all about your medical history and is therefore able to prescribe the most effective treatment…wouldn’t you want the same for your skin?’

Skinovations offer a variety of results-based skin treatments including peels, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, enzyme therapy and more. We highly recommend stopping by for a skin consultation at Skinovations before diving into a treatment—the gurus there will help you tackle your skin concerns head on!


IN YOUR 40s…

The Expert: 

MTR Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Caulfield South

‘You can pretend all you like that it’s not happening, but once you hit your 40s, your skin will inevitably be showing various signs of ageing. With the skin becoming thinner, and with less collagen and elastin produced, now’s the time to really invest in your skincare routine with a series of anti-ageing and nourishing treatments and products. No need for it to be overwhelming—just make sure it’s targeted and consistent.’

MTR’s Top Tips:

1.    ‘A great skincare routine starts with cleansing…and cleansing properly! Using a top quality cleanser not only helps to remove residue and dead skin cells from your face, it also means that any products that follow are more easily absorbed. You skin therapist can also show you some facial massage techniques to incorporate into your cleansing routine as home—this helps to stimulate the skin and get blood flowing.’

2.    ‘If there’s one vitamin to incorporate into your skincare routine in your 40s, it’s Vitamin A. Long hailed as the Queen Bee of anti-ageing ingredients, Vitamin A helps to stimulate collagen, combat winkles and fade discolourations.’ MTR Laser Skin Rejuvenation stock Osmosis Vitamin A Serum which a number of staff members have become addicted to in recent months. This baby calms inflammation, pumps the skin with nutrients and helps to firm and protect the skin—a godsend!

3.    ‘The effects of the sun—tsk tsk—will be starting to show in your 40s, so if you haven’t been using them previously, consider using products containing Vitamin C or L Ascorbic Acid. These are powerful antioxidants, which protect the skin against UV rays and can repair sun damage, as well as stimulating collagen production in the skin.’

The Must-Try Treatment:

‘We recommend bringing in the big gun treatments when you hit your 40s—this doesn’t need to be invasive though! Laser facials and dermal infusion facials are the perfect alternative, helping to plump and nourish the skin.’

There are two great options at MTR Laser Skin Rejuvenation: the Medlite C6 Skin Rejuvenation Laser Facial and the Dermal Infusions. The former is fantastic if you really want to target wrinkles, pores and skin pigmentation, while the latter works for a variety of skin types, helping to nourish the skin and create new skin cells. 

Image Credit: Giovanni Gianonni

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