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Beauty Hacks To Try Before Summer Hits

By Clare Acheson
10th Nov 2015

Summer is just about to hit, and with it comes a whole array of beauty and skincare switch-ups that you should be on top of. So, what are the beauty trends that you should be trying? Here are our top beauty hacks, from the best facials in Melbourne to must-have products that you should be trying right now. 

#1: Sort out acne, blemishes and congestion before hitting the sun

While UV-free sunlight is great for your skin (it helps with vitamin D production and rejuvenates circulation), blocking those UV rays is essential to preventing aging and degredation of your precious skin cells. Of course, we all need an SPF, but zinc-based SPF products can in fact clog the skin with repeated use, creating blemishes and clogged pores.

Pre-summer is the perfect time to treat acne-prone and congested skin, giving you a smooth surface to apply any sun protectants. Home to Melbourne’s best facials and medically accredited skincare treatments, Avenue Advanced Skin Care uses the latest decongesting technologies that actually produce REAL results (not just surface polishing, which looks great for a day or two but doesn’t actually work long-term). Opt for an anti-acne facial treatment now and throughout summer for blemish-free skin, and make sure you’re exfoliating more regularly to remove the layers of SPF to prevent outbreaks.

For a limited time, Avenue Advanced Skin Care is offering an incredible Acne Repair treatment packages for Urban List readers.

The best way to treat acne, blemish scarring and congested skin is with a hard-hitting restorative treatment. This epic package is perfect for giving you skin a summer boost by killing bacteria, decongesting pores and exfoliating the skin.

Avenue Advanced Skin Care’s Acne Repair treatment includes:

3 Fotona Acne Laser Treatment
3 Salicyclic or Lactic Acid Peels
3 LED Light Therapy
1 SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.25 

Offer price: $1595 | Save: $395

Give the team a call on (03) 9521 5533 to book in for your exclusive discounted treatment now, and say goodbye to clogged skin.

#2: Hair oils = The best summer hair investment

Your hair is just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin. Unfortunately, there is only so much protection that your natural hair oils can offer, so top them up with natural oils derived from plants for extra protection. Olive oil is always a fantastic nourishing and conditioning agent, as well as coconut oil, avocado oil and, if you feel like splashing out, raspberry seed oil.

Not sure how to style hair that’s been oil treated? Either leave oils in overnight and rinse in luke-warm water in the morning (they’ll absorb as much goodness as possible and retain it, so long as you don’t wash with drying soaps and shampoos), or use sparingly during the day. Braiding longer hair is a fantastic way to keep it looking stylish and protected with oil—you’ll have fewer fly-aways with a light layer of natural oil too.

#3: Aloe Vera Everything, Especially after waxes and shaving

Bare legs and bikinis mean, for most of us, an increase in the number of times we wax or shave. But there’s nothing worse than having dry, irritated skin on show when you plan on hitting your beach/bar/brunch venue of choice.

Calming aloe vera products that DON’T contain large amounts of active botanical oils (avoid the lavender and primrose leaf, folks) are key to keeping hair-free skin happy. Aesop’s Petitgrain Body Gel is our go to, but we also love the standard Nature’s Way aloe products. They’re perfect for applying 5-10 minutes after a wax or shave, and leave the skin smooth and hydrated.

Our top tip? Keep a small jar or tube, tightly sealed, in the fridge, ready for those inevitable days when you do get too much sun. Aloe is the perfect neutral, cooling hydration for pink skin that’s feeling tender after a day in some rays.

Keen for more beauty hacks? Search our Beauty section for more awesome beauty content. 

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