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15 Of The Best Art Classes And Tours To Take Around Melbourne

By Serena McSweeney
15th Jul 2019

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We are fortunate enough to live in a city that is considered to be the cultural capital of Australia. Melbourne is a blank canvas that is made to light with food, music, events and exhibitions from all around the world. It would be such a shame for all this talent and history to go to waste. 

That's why we’ve compiled a list of the best art classes, walks and tours happening around Melbourne. Once you’ve tried these out for yourselves, you’ll be walking around Melbourne like the cultural expert you’ve always wanted to be.

Art Classes

Melbourne Art Class


This art club has got classes for all ages and skill levels, whether you’re looking for some watercolour workshops, Japanese Ink painting, drawing or painting classes. Melbourne Art Class even offer art therapy for adults and children, so you’ll learn the secret skills needed to perfect the basics.

Fitzroy Painting


If you’re looking for some simple, straight-up painting classes, we’ve found your new abode. Offering art classes to all students, from beginners to advanced, Fitzroy Painting is putting the flick back into your swish. Run by professional artists, you’ll be taught to be the best by the best.



One of our favourites on this list, a Work-Shop class is a definite one to put on your list. Offering a range of learning experiences, including ceramic making, weaving, pop art jewellery, water colouring and sculpting, there’s bound to be something to pique your interest here. They even have a boozy pet portrait night, so make sure you check this place out.

Slow Clay Centre


It wouldn’t be fair to leave off a pottery class, so one of our favourites hits the list too. Slow Clay Centre is offering up pottery classes for both children at adults. They’ve got wheel classes, hand building classes and a porcelain small objects and wearables class. They even have a clay club for kids and pottery workshops for longer terms of enjoyment. 

The Windsor Workshop


If you want variety and if you love a little drink or two, this is your one-stop-shop. From clay ceramics to floral embroidery to punch needle to beading workshops, you will seriously find it all at The Windsor Workshop. If you needed any more convincing, their classes are also known for their awesome team-ups with businesses, like their Gin Masterclass with Four Pillars or their Whisky Masterclass with Starwood.

Art Studio 48

Glen Waverly

If you’re in the mood for some mosaic making, you’re in the right spot. Art Studio 48 is known for the Adult Mosaic Workshops and we have to say, they look mighty fine. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and head to Art Studio 48 to learn something new and develop some new skills. 

The Victorian Artists Society

East Melbourne

For students at all skill levels, The Victorian Artists Society is here to help individuals advance their art-making skills. Pick from a variety of their classes, including pastel and oil classes, sculpture classes, drawing and watercolour classes. Professional artists will teach you the fundamentals, and you might even be taken to outdoor landscapes to draw and create.

Cork & Canvas

South Melbourne

It would’ve been wrong to end our list with anything other than Australia’s first paint and sip studio. A painting class to do with your mates or family, Cork & Canvas offer up a night of wine, bubbles or beer while you learn how to paint. Whether you want to ‘Paint Your Mate Picasso Style’ or paint ‘Monet’s Waterlilies’, they’re teaching different styles and skills with each class. 

Art Walks And Tours

Hidden Secrets Tours


Melbourne is a city full of well-kept secrets, and there’s no better way to discover these than through a Hidden Secrets Walking Tour. Discover the secret laneways, specialty retailers and local designers that you never knew existed. Be enriched by an expert about the history and architecture of Melbourne; you won’t regret this tour. 

Arts Centre Melbourne Backstage Tour


Discover the truths and secrets behind Arts Centre Melbourne with a special art backstage tour. During this 90 minute tour, you will be granted access to behind-the-scenes privileges, like backstage rooms, hidden passages and technical contraptions. This is a once in a lifetime tour, so make sure you grab some friends and check this one out.

Hidden Galleries in Melbourne


Laneways and cafés aren’t the only secrets being kept in Melbourne. On this art tour, you will be guided by knowledgeable experts that will take you around a handful of hidden contemporary art galleries within Melbourne. Be one step ahead of friends with this art tour, but make sure to book ahead at Hidden Galleries in Melbourne.

Architecture Tour of Melbourne


Be educated and inspired by the awesome city around you. Join MELTours are they take you around Melbourne, providing you with a history on how Melbourne city was formed and created over 100 years ago. This tour will discuss architects from across the years and enrich your knowledge, from the beginning of Melbourne’s history all the way through to contemporary times with sustainable buildings.

Melbourne Street Art Tour

Around Melbourne 

Be guided around Melbourne’s unofficial art galleries with Melbourne Street Tours. There are hundreds of local artists that have left their mark upon Melbourne’s streets, creating and bringing to life the unique Melbourne culture. These tours are a must when visiting or living in Melbourne, you really will be blown away by the talent and skill right before your eyes. 

Art Deco Tour


If you’re looking for a more specific architecture tour, look no further than the Art Deco Tour. While you’re in one of the best Art Deco cities in the world, it would be wrong not to take a look around the amazing buildings that make up Melbourne, include the Manchester Unity Building and the Majorca Building. 

Winter Art’s Night Festival


Every year for three short nights in August, the White Night Melbourne festival is celebrated. Experience the art of light projections in Melbourne, with water light graffiti, the sensory realm and an audiovisual installation. Experience art in an immersive way you have never seen before. This festival is a must. 

Have you checked out the best exhibitions this month? If not, head here.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Photography

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