Where To Get Baked Camembert Wheels In Melbourne

By Millie Lester
19th Dec 2017


Forget your Christmas list, in fact slam it through the shredder and make it rain into the skip bin outside the little Mexican place at the end of your street because this article is the only list you’ll need to check twice this year.

The baked camembert is quite possibly man’s greatest gift to god. We’re not sure who first made it or where it came from, but we imagine some legend a hundred years ago just left his wheel of King Island Dairy Camembert in the fridge crisper for too long and thought a good zap in the Westinghouse fan forced would have that bad boy oozing all over his Savoy biccies in no time.

And he was goddamn right. So, here’s all the places you can get wheels of baked camembert this summer.

Fathers Office


If you pop along to the outskirts of QV Melbourne this summer you’ll stumble across a little hole in the wall called Fathers Office where the savvy b’s are ice cold and the frosé machine churns twenny-four-sev. Here, you’ll also find a whole crumbed and baked Tasmanian Camembert with beetroot chutney served with crusty bread. It’s just about the perfect accompaniment for any alcoholic beverage on the planet, or better yet, accompany it with another baked Tasmanian Camembert. You can thank us later.

Shaw Davey Slum


Head North to Carlton and you’ll find Fathers Office’s little brother, Shaw Davey Slum. Owned and managed by the same team, you can be assured that their menu is a slightly tweaked (but equally delicious), which means you’ll be able to sink your teeth into a fun-sized half crumbed baked Tasmanian Camembert with beetroot chutney and crusty bread. Our recommendation: get at least two. No, get four and one for the road.

The General Assembly

South Wharf

Mosey on down to The General Assembly on South Wharf, perhaps before an MSO rendition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and enjoy a delicious box baked camembert with honey, thyme and walnut bread by the Yarra. Ain’t nothin’ sweeter.

Milk The Cow

Carlton & St Kilda

No one can legally make a list about cheese dishes without mentioning our lord and saviour, Milk The Cow. Thanks to locations in both Carlton and St Kilda, there are now TWO excuses to eat baked camembert. Try this on for size: Baked camembert cooked with a combination of garlic, fresh herbs and a splash or white wine served with crusty baguette. Hullo, yes I’ll take four, please and thank you.

Two Tall Chefs


Carlton is apparently the city’s cheese capital because just a hop, skip and a feeble jump away (too much baked camembert) is Two Tall Chefs. Here you can treat yourself to camembert baked with garlic and herb crust, served toasted crostini. If possible, we recommend turning a trip to Carlton into a baked camembert crawl. It’ll literally be the best thing you ever do.

Bar 1806


Back in the CBD is the romantically quaint and equally ritzy cocktail bar 1806. Not only do they whip up insane custom cocktails and neat spirits in fancy glasses but they also have a menu of delicious eats. One of those eats is a scrummy baked camembert with garlic and rosemary, served with toasted bread.

The Duke Of Wellington


Not too far from Bar 1806 is The Duke of Wellington in the CBD where things get a whole lot sweeter (both metaphorically and physically). Their whole baked camembert is served with dried fruit, tomato chutney and freshly toasted sourdough. If you don’t have a heart attack upon first sight, you didn’t look closely enough.

Naked In The Sky


What’s better than a whole baked camembert? Three whole baked camemberts and a good view. Naked In The Sky is famous statewide for its insane views of Brunswick Street and beyond. It also does a bloody fancy baked camembert served with truffle paste, chestnuts and ciabatta that’ll put any bowl of wedges to shame. We recommend a wheel of the good stuff accompanied by a nice glass of the house white (you’ve already spent all your money on cheese by this point).

The Crafty Squire


The last hotspot on our Baked Camen-Crawl is The Crafty Squire in the CBD. Home to some of your favourite bottled beverages, including Orchard Crush cider and 150 Lashes pale ale, the James Squire brewery also has a damn fine dining menu that of course includes are beloved baked camembert. The booze offerings are particularly delicious too, so come for the cheese and stay for the beers.

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Image credit: The Duke | Michelle Jarni

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