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7 Of The Best Places To Get Your Brows Tattooed In Melbourne

By Millie Lester
1st Nov 2019

As the age-old saying goes, brows are the windows to the soul, which means having good ones is bloody crucial.

In the last couple of years, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing has taken the world by storm, mostly because men and women are saving HOURS each week not plucking and pencilling the bejeezus out of their brows, and people are now lining up out the door to get them handcrafted to perfection.

Fortunately, the Melbourne beauty scene is delivering the goods in terms of quality and professional eyebrow feathering services, and we’ve saved you even more time by sussing out the best ones.

The Peach Club 


Want power brows that’d make Cara blush? The Peach Club in Collingwood has got your back. This place is one of the prettiest cosmetic tattoo bars we've ever seen. It's more like apartment porn: leather sofa, classy lighting, white washed walls and the odd artful plant in the corner.

The team also run MJ Driver, the tattoo removal bar in the same building, so whether the ink's going on or coming off, they should be able to handle it. Pro tip: Peach Club also do freckle tattoos for that Pippy Longstocking-sun-kissed look. 



MienBrows’ Nichole is a beauty professional with no less than fourteen years of experience under her belt. She uses her original ‘Brow Mapping Technique’ to achieve highly sought after ‘Golden Ration’ brows and to formulate the perfect shape for your face (we’re sold—you can’t argue with maths, right?).

These newly handcrafted caterpillars will give your face more symmetry and improve its overall structural appearance (basically it’s a small price to pay to make a full transformation into a supermodel). Cost-wise, MienBrow’s cosmetic feathering may put a bigger dent in your wallet, but their high-quality services will have a bigger and longer-lasting impact on your face and Snapchat selfie confidence. 

Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne

St Kilda

Not only does an appointment at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne get you a pair of jaw-dropping eye moustaches, but you walk out the door with a satisfaction guarantee—bonza! CTM offer multiple eyebrow feathering styles, including the feather-touch brow technique, the two-dimensional technique and the Baby Steps technique (for worry warts).

The price for cosmetic brow tattooing is a flat $600 for two sessions, but you can also bundle that up in a cosmetic tattooing package with upper and lower eyeliner tattooing for $1,250. Throw a full lip tattoo in there and they’ll make it $1,850 (when in Rome??).

Amanda McGregor


Amanda McGregor has been in the brow biz for over thirty years and has been eyebrow feathering for as long as a decade. She has a long list of over a dozen beauty qualifications and calls cosmetic tattooing her absolute passion (which is probably a good step up from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for a lot of us).

She even branches out to lip and eyeliner tattooing as well if you’re looking to get the full works. Prices start from $780 for a microblade hair stroke brow fill and go all the way up to $980 for the Ombre’s Brows. If this isn’t enough info, just head to her website where you’ll also see she has 5-star reviews coming out of her ears.

Bat Your Lash


Looking for something all-vegan and natural? Head over to Bat Your Lash for an organic Henna Spa Tint, it’s a surefire way of getting the brows of your dreams without all the nasty stuff (begone, gross chemicals!). 

Using only vegan and cruelty-free products, the salon engages in sustainable practices by teaming up with Sustainable Salons, who personally collect and reuse their plastic, paper and waste. With a focus on clients loving themselves, the planet and animals, every aspect of Bat Your Lash has been carefully curated to reduce its impact on the environment. From copper bowls at the pedicure stations, bamboo mascara wands and eco-friendly washing liquids, to a tight recycling policy and toxic-free nail polishes—every part of the salon is a deliberate and thoughtful act. They have a gorgeous, plant-filled interior for all your Instagram needs, and it’s also the first pooch-friendly salon in Victoria!

Whether ethical beauty (or dog-spotting) is on your agenda or not, it’s nice to know Bat Your Lash are minimising your footprint on the planet while keeping your brows on fleek.

Lash & Brow Boudoir


If you’re feeling like something a little bit fancy, then head on over to the Lash & Brow Boudoir in Richmond where all services come with a touch of *class*. These guys are one of Melbourne’s favourite eye-related destinations, basically because they inject luxury and old-world glamour into everything they do.

This east-side beauty oasis employs the Microblading Feather Touch Brow Embroidery Technique, which gives you a lush 12-24 months worth of on-point brows. During your appointment, they’ll take you through the different colours available and then measure and design you the perfect set of forehead beards for your face. Prices start $495 for a microblading feather stroke brow or a powder brow, or you can fork out $550 for a combination of both.

Brows And Beyond

South Yarra

Brows and Beyond on the Bayside boast that their eyebrow feathering is their most requested service because their signature designs give you a natural-looking pair of caterpillars that’ll frame your features and inject youth into your face (note: this is a metaphor, she doesn’t sell ‘youth’ by the vile).

Each set of forehead fringes is custom designed to suit the client’s unique facial shape and each individual hair is meticulously crafted and woven together in the direction of your natural brow hair (so you can tell everyone you’re born with it). Prices start from $445 for a partial brow and go up to $795 for a 3D feathered hair stroke brow.

For more beauty tips, head to our Health section.

Image credit: Bat Your Lash

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