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By Millie Lester
13th Feb 2018


As Jane Bunn put it, it’s bloody haaaawwt in Melbourne this summer, which means the traditional skinny cap with extra choc just won’t cut it in 40-degree weather. Fortunately, an anonymous beverage legend came up with a cool alternative—the iced coff. It may cost an extra $2 and it may be slightly awful 90% of the time, but once you’re craving one, nothing else will suffice.

So, here are Melbourne’s best iced coffees for when that craving hits you.

Sensory Lab


Hit up the little hole in the wall on the outskirts of David Jones in Little Collins Street for a cup of the good stuff. The iced coffee at Sensory Lab will set you back about $6 but it’s pretty tasty and there’s a really noice, different, unusual graffitied wall next door that makes the perfect backdrop for your ‘Gram.

Higher Ground


If you’re after something a little bit fancy, dine in with your iced coffee at the CBD’s Higher Ground. The venue is an absolute staple for anyone wanting to impress out-of-town friends, and its iced coff is no different. Served in a lush stemless wine glass (or simply ‘glass’ as they’re referred to by the plebs) and poured on big ol’ iced cubes, this iced coff is one for the bucket list this summer.

Coe & Coe

Cremorne, Port Melbourne & Footscray

You're probably familiar with their cafes on the mean streets of Cremorne and Port Melbourne, and they've recently added Footscray to the mix. Walking into a Coe & Coe cafe you know you're going to be greeted in a way that's unlike any other joint in Melbourne, feels like home, and their iced coffees absolutely hit the mark.

Patricia Coffee Brewers


If you didn’t get enough fancy from Higher Ground, another ritzy hole in the wall is Patricia Coffee Brewers on Little Bourke. This place is strictly standing room only, so you’ll have to have your iced coffee on the go or on your pins. Their coffee is sourced from crowd-favourite brewers such as Seven Seeds, Small Batch, Market Lane and Proud Mary, so you can be pretty confident that it tastes good, even if it may break the bank.

Dukes Coffee Roasters


Another CBD hotspot for cold-coff is Dukes Coffee Roasters on Flinders Lane. This big-label coffee roastery has more of a focus on coffee than food (blasphemy) but it means the coffees are reeeaaal good. Get your greasy mitts on one of their iced lattes A$AP, Rocky.

Everyday Coffee


Over in Collingwood is Everyday Coffee has an unwavering focus on its hot brown juice. They rotate their three coffee suppliers on the reg, which means you’re in for a ~new~ treat almost every time. Their delicious cold brews come with funky straws, so you’d be an idiot to go anywhere else. Everyday Coffee is also home to the formidable, artery-clogging cruffin. Get one of those to go as well.

Industry Beans

Fitzroy, CBD

Industry Beans are veterans on the coffee scene which is how you know they cold-coffs are the OG. If you’re in the area, pop into their Fitzroy cafe on Rose Street for one of their delicious iced coffees. If you’ve never eaten there, block out your iCal for an hour and dine in - their brekky burg is to die for.

Seven Seeds


A favourite of ALL Melbourne Uni students is Seven Seeds in Carlton, mainly because you can still connect to the uni wifi from there, but also because they serve up some of the best coffee in Melbourne. For something a little bit hoity-toity, order their cold brew, it comes in a fancy glass with one giant ice cube. It’s VERY Melbourne and VERY delicious.

St Ali

South Melbourne

For those on the south-side, this little South Melbourne institution— St Ali—has been around for fifteen years, which is more than enough time to master a cold-coff. Theirs is a very generous sized icey bev, and their chocolate bikkies are also generously sized as well - get one of those too.

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Image credit: Industry Beans

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