Best Melbourne Brunch Spots For Patting Other People’s Dogs

By Clare Acheson
19th Jun 2015

I love dogs. I love their tiny dog faces and their cute dog paws and their shiny, wet dog noses. But, truth be told, some mornings I struggle to remember my phone, my keys and my own middle name, so it’s probably better that I’m not actually responsible for a real live dog, if you’re catching what I’m throwing.

Also, because I am an adult under the age of 45 who lives in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs, I love brunch. If I didn’t love brunch, I’d have waaaaay too much free time and an indefinite case of hunger pangs. Brunch solves both of these problems while simultaneously allowing me to fritter away my paychecks and giving me something talk about in work on Monday mornings. Ker-ching!

But brunch WITH dogs?! OMG yes please! Total things-I-love jackpot. Nothing beats sipping on a flat white on a Saturday morning while hanging out with someone else’s canine companion, entirely obligation-free. So, without further ado, here’s Melbourne’s best brunch venues where you’ll find other people and their very pat-able, all-too-cute dogs.

Stables of Como

South Yarra

Stables of Como describes itself as a ‘quaint shed in the grounds of an upscale country mansion,’ which, quite frankly, makes me feel like I’d have to dress like a Jane Austin character to be accepted here. Luckily, that’s not the case. Go nuts on the epic croissants and let somebody else’s Great Dane lick the crumbs off your buttery fingers. 

Allpress Roastery & Cafe


What with Allpress being one of the most beautiful cafes in Melbourne that always seems to be filled with people reading New Philosopher and the latest edition of Dumbo Feather, I’d assume that all the dogs that hang out here have exceedingly good taste in coffee, literature and furniture. I’ve even seen one sporting a tiny dog bowtie and four impeccably polished dog brogues. Actually, that’s a lie. Can dogs read? I don’t even know.

Green Park

North Carlton

Not only is Green Park in North Carlton one of the best restaurant-cafes in Melbourne for a more sophisticated brunch, it’s also a great spot for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you nab a seat outside for maximum canine cuddle time.

Dundas and Faussett

Albert Park

There’s enough outdoor seating at Dundas and Faussett to accommodate a small army of pets and their two-legged counterparts. The perfect Melbourne cafe for patting dogs while hung over as you can start with one of their incredible doughnuts and then max out on the all-day breakfast menu as you see fit.



Ah, Addict. Fitzroy’s finest cafe, how we love you. Go for the corn fritters (or whatever trendy baked good pop-up they’re hosting), stay for the designer Dachshunds whose owners work in media.

Abbotsford Children’s Farm Café


Dogs and piglets. That is all.

The Piggery


Dogs and piglets in the countryside. Thank YOU, Shannon Bennett.

Jardin Tan

South Yarra

Everyone who’s anyone who owns a dog has at some point walked it through the city’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Jardin Tan is the place where they all congregate for a caffeine fix. Go forth and pat merrily.

Code Black Coffee


Weston Street institution Code Black Coffee comes complete with an outdoor area that’s perfect for moodily sipping a long black while stroking somebody else’s miniature Schnauzer. Get there early to avoid having to sit indoors with other humans in the brunch factory hanger.

West Beach Bathers Pavillion

St Kilda

Two dogs legit got married here earlier this year, making it a must-visit for all you beachside dog-lovers. Just make sure you’ve got your all-weather onesie on for when one shakes off from its swim right next to you.

Image credit: Boo The Dog


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