Best Polenta Chips in Melbourne

By Hannah Valmadre
26th Nov 2014

It’s time to think outside the box; the age-old potato chip just isn’t enough for us anymore. We recently covered Melbourne’s Best Loaded Fries, and in our searching we came across many excellent potato chip alternatives. You can get sweet potato, eggplant and zucchini varieties all over the city, but today it’s all about the polenta chip. Humble, golden and delicious, polenta chips can be a healthier alternative to traditional fries when you’re having chippy cravings. In many instances, polenta chips are baked, as opposed to fried, which is undoubtedly better for you if you’re on health kick. Stacked Jenga-style or smothered in sauce, here are Melbourne’s polenta chip must-haves.

City Wine Shop

Melbourne CBD

Con Christopoulos’s Spring street dining and drinking hub does a lot of things right, and one aspect we can’t overlook at City WIne Shop is their polenta chips. Stacked up like the most delicious jenga pile you’re ever likely to encounter, we burn our mouth nearly every time because we can’t wait to attack them. They come with a sour cream and chive dipping sauce, which we highly encourage you to use liberally. Undeniably amazing and highly addictive, you simply must try Melbourne’s best polenta chips for yourselves. 

San Telmo

Melbourne CBD

The kings of Argentinian cuisine in Melbourne, San Telmo do some fantastic humitas. The polenta, corn and basil chips are served with chipotle mayonnaise and by golly, they are good. The humitas are a brilliant way to start your Argentinian feast, and their menu is designed for sharing and instigating good times with friends. Round up a couple of buddies and get down there. Now.

The Mess Hall

Melbourne CBD

For inner-city, casual all-day food fare, The Mess Hall is unpretentious and pleasing. The polenta chips are neatly stacked with parmesan lightly grated over the top, and come with a side of aioli. The Mess Hall has a distinctive northern Italian influence, so it comes as no surprise there is polenta on the menu here. While we’re usually all for sharing, we’ll fight anyone off with a stick if they dare pinch one of our polenta chips.


Albert Park

Overlooking Albert Park, Fitzrovia’s Italian and British influenced fare is both comforting and satisfying. As a side dish, they serve polenta chips with truffled parsley and parmesan. Pair that with their braised lamb shoulder with Japanese turnip, chicory and broad beans and you’ve got it made. On a side note, Fitzrovia do some pretty cute gourmet picnic hampers now, which might be a nice idea if you plan of having a party in the park or attending Moonlight Cinema this year.

Pizza Farro


Located in Thornbury, this Melbourne Italian restaurant is an excellent go-to for homemade pasta and pizza. We recommend kicking off an Italian fest here with their polenta chips that are cooked with Grana Padano cheese, and also served with a garlic and lemon aioli dipping sauce. This is another good place for the health conscious out there who don’t want to give up on all the good things in life; Pizza Farro uses 100% Australian organic spelt flour for their pizza bases, home baked breads and focaccias, and there is gluten-free gnocchi available as well. 


Melbourne CBD

While we’re a fan of dropping in on the Trunk Diner for some quick fun food, sometimes it’s nice to take it up a notch and head to their restaurant section. Here you will find polenta chips with the always-awesome Spanish Manchengo cheese. We think a plateful of this in their outdoor beer garden with a craft beer is one hell of a way to end the working week.

The Grain Store

Melbourne CBD

Craving some of the best polenta chips in Melbourne town, but also fancy eating ethically? The Grain Store is one of the best options for eating well and doing good, as fruit and vegies are harvested locally, without chemicals, and served in a wholesome, European-style rustic way. But back to what we came here for, the chippies. The come served in a little pot, stacked neatly, covered with a rosemary salt with parmesan. We could have these crunchy goodies all day.

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