50 Of The Best Smashed Avos You Can Get In Melbourne

By Amber De Luca-Tao
13th Jul 2017

Do you ever stop and wonder what kind of mansion you could be living in if you didn’t spend 75% of your life savings on smashed avocado? Well, we've finally accepted our addiction for the lil' green guys and realised it's time to be truly grateful for Melbourne's next level avo smashes. So, soz not soz, in no particular order, here are 50 of the best smashed avocado dishes you can get in Melbourne.

Keep It Simple

1. Get down to the basics at Pedro Espresso with their avo smash, topped with hazelnut dukkah and feta on sourdough.
2. The Yorkshire Brewhouse's smashed avo has the fluffiest feta you have ever laid eyes on. No, really.
3. Somewhere in between sliced, smashed and cubed, the avo at Mr Tulk is (no puns intended) a smash. Especially if you've worked up an appetite reading at the State Library of Victoria all day.
4. Name a more iconic duo with Batch Espresso's avocado and feta smash. They'll wait.
5. If you like it chunky, Hard Pressed Coffee can hook you up with their avocado salsa. It's an avo fiesta for your taste buds.
6. Bit of a control freak? Build your own at District North with their avocado mousse and crumbled feta or fresh avo.
7. Monk Bodhi Dharma's avo smash is as fresh as it gets. Feta, mint, chilli, and lemon served on organic sourdough.
8. Smashed avo at Millstone Patisserie? Oui, oui! They top it with French chilli and lime, mint, goats cheese and basil.

All The Toppings

9. A stroll around Albert Park Lake deserves a brunch at Dundas and Faussett. Their smashed avocado with chilli, coriander, feta cheese and cherry tomato goes down a treat.
10. Cancel that trip to the Big Apple, we've got a taste of NY here in Melbs. Gramercy Social's got a killer avo smash with warm broken eggs, feta, chilli, herbs and seeds.
11. A classic case of sibling rivalry— Mr Sister's avo smash with chilli and finger lime ricotta on seeded toast does a big bro proud. Your move Mr Mister.
12. A side of whipped feta for your avo at Auction Rooms? We thought you'd never ask.
13. Tahini, sumac and quark is the holy trinity of toppings you didn’t know your avo needed. Luckily for us, No. 19 Society know what's up.
14. It's not every day you sit down to half an avocado sitting pretty on your plate. Unless you visit Ebenezer Coffee & Wine Bar on the daily.
15. Little Man’s smashed avo is a big deal. Chilli, goats cheese, coriander, sweet corn and lemon. You gotta eat it to believe it.
16. Feel all the happiness with Serotonin Eatery’s smashed avocado. It's got smashed peas with mint and feta, house made beetroot relish on sprouted loaf toast, topped with chilli. You can go fully vegan and swap regular feta out for their housemade almond feta.
17. Jack the Geezer is proving everyone wrong. You can make friends with your autumn herbs salad. But only when it's served with smashed avo.
18. If Chadstone Shopping Centre's a southern hemisphere icon for fashion, Mr Pilgrim is an icon for brunch. And their smashed avo can match it with the best, with feta cheese, spring onion, coriander, lemon and Pilgrim dukkah served on two pieces of sourdough toast. It's basically a mountain (seriously, it's huge) of avo amazingness.
19. We can't get smashed every day, so sometimes we gotta get sliced. OTTO Epicurean serves their avo sliced with Meredith goat’s feta, roasted tomato and a balsamic glaze.
20. Nshry's smashed avo comes with a side of ocean view. Oh yeah and smoked pepitas, cherry tomato salsa, lime and coriander.
21. Mr Mister's tapped everyone's fave Italian guest star for their avo smash— fior di latte.
22. The Ascot Vale Food Store's avo smash is showcasing how flavoursome zucchini can really be with their next level pickling and you need to try it.
23. The avo smash at Gardiner and Field is just mint. With Yarra Valley feta and two poached eggs and you guessed it, topped with a lil' bit of mint.
24. Journeyman's smashed avo hummus comes with snow pea tendrils and honey candied bacon. Now that's a brunch in balance.
25. The avo smash at Code Black Coffee is all about flavour combos. Kale and pepita pesto, pistachio and hazelnut dukkah, with some preserved lemon for good measure.
26. Not another smashed avo? Why yes it is. House smoked tomato jam, Yarra Valley feta, charred broccoli, pickled cucumber on sourdough at Black Gold.
27. Liar Liar knows that maple is seriously the best thing to happen to bacon. Especially when it's fried to perfection. Trust us, it's the ultimate crisp.
28. Miss Frank, we want candy! Thank God their avo is topped with turmeric-sesame candied almonds.
29. Glenferrie's loaded with brunch hotspots and so are its little side streets. Hit up Short Straw for their avocado smash with fresh herbs and feta, house made pesto and seeds.
30. Dundas and Faussett have the ingredients and they know how to use them. We're talking chilli, coriander, feta and cherry tomatoes – the usual suspects.
31. The avo smash at Temperance Society is kinda corny... and it's delicious. Their corn is charred to perfection and oh so sweet.

Fully Loaded

32. Treat yo' taste buds to a flavour explosion at Rustica Canteen. We're talking pickled red onion, beetroot relish, Persian feta, ground chulpi corn and poached eggs.
33. Left Field's smashed avo on toast with corn, chilli, lime salsa, goats cheese, tahini, yoghurt and pickled onion is just so right.
34. Smashed avocado on toast with Meredith feta, cherry tomatoes, grilled corn and quinoa salsa, spring onion and basil pistou at Three Bags Full.
35. Get high on smashed at High Society. Smoked semi-dried roma tomatoes, Yarra Valley cows milk feta, crunchy seeds and kale chips.

With A Twist

36. The Butler's Den is changin' it up. Their take on avo smash is a grilled peach and avocado bruschetta with turmeric cream cheese, kale, pomegranate, salsa, candy beets, dukkah, beetroot hummus and balsamic reduction on sourdough.
37. Pillar of Salt's smashed avocado comes complete with poached eggs, slow-cooked heirloom tomatoes, lime, seed mix, micro basil and what's this? A vegemite cheese sauce? Now that's mitey.
38. Take a trip to the Middle East with Phat Milk's smashed avo. It's an avocado and labne smash on multigrain toast with falafel scotch eggs and roasted eggplant.
39. Yes, we did say that maple is the best thing to happen to bacon, but that’s probably ‘cause we hadn’t had it with sriracha at Son of Tucci yet.
40. Edamame in our smash? Yes please. Kitty Burns is serving it up with spiced togarashi avocado, citrus and umami on toast. Need some extras? We recommend the bacon crumb.
41. If you’re after a pop of colour and flavour with your avo smash—you’ll love Le Petit Prince’s rhubarb compote. Rhubarb and avo? Don't knock it till you try it.
42. Secretly always wanted your avo dish to turn Japanese? Well, Woven Café’s comes with pickled daikon, cucumber, poached eggs, sprinkled with nori flakes, sesame and a hint of chilli.
43. You’re gonna ava smashing time at Denis The Menace with their smoked tomatoes, orange minted feta, mandarin’s dust, pepitas and crunchy iceberg.
44. The pomegranate glaze and pickled turnips on Hey Jude Café's avo smash pack a real punch.
45. Polenta prisms are the pride and joy at Drugstore Espresso and if you’ve ever had them – you’ll know why. If not, find out ASAP.
46. No one ever had a bad time in a treehouse. And yep, Treehouse Lounge's smashed avo with quinoa, corn, fresh herbs, salted pepitas, crushed almonds, feta, wasabi seeds on multigrain is a very, very good time.
47. It's easy peasy to have a solid brunch at Saint James Cafe with their avo and green pea smash.
48. Dosage is upping the anti. Their Fully Bashed Avocado comes with mint and Danish feta on a spread of beetroot hummus, topped with poached eggs, spices, nuts and topped off with matcha dust and a chilli infused olive oil syringe. Now that's a dose!

Saganaki Love

49. Lovers of saganaki haven't had dreams come true until they've been to Sardi...
50. Lucky for us Melburnians we've got more than one place for Saganaki fantasies to be realised. Fourth Chapter's serving their golden wedge up with a pea and almond pesto.

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Image credit: Short Straw | Michelle Jarni

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