Best St Kilda Meal Deals

By Luna Soo
5th Nov 2014

Think of St Kilda and you think of sunny days at the beach, Sunday sessions at your favourite watering hole, queues at cake shops and casual dinners that turn into all-nighters on a dance floor. But you probably never think of your bank balance. Don't worry, we've done the thinking for you. Here's our guide to a week of St Kilda cheap eats – with some free entertainment thrown in for good measure.


Sunday, bloody hungover Sunday, as U2 once (almost) sang. If you can stumble out of bed, head to The Espy for a $10 hangover cure that's also known as breakfast – free range eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato and toast. We won't judge you if you get a hair of the dog while you're there. Tip: BYO aspirin.


Ugh, Monday. Who the hell likes Monday? Um, we do...because on Mondays Veludo serve up nachos and a beer for $15, and Cicciolina's Back Bar offers spag bol and a beer for $20. Either deal is a great way to kick off the working week.


Still feeling a bit seedy from the weekend? Congratulations, it must've been a big one. Looks like you need a $10 bowl of pho at Quan 88 for lunch. The Vietnamese noodle soup's restorative powers will have you feeling better in no time, and it's super filling to boot. Come back tomorrow for more cheap eats, with a $10 lunch deal, that includes yummy options like spicy grilled chicken with rice, or rice vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls.

For dinner, head a little way out of St Kilda to Si Senor for their much-loved Taco Tuesday. Stuff your face with four tacos for $15; the 'Oh my god I'm in Mexico' feeling is free.


Hmm, it's probably time to do some exercise. How about a bar crawl? Start the night at Lona, a slick Spanish bar and restaurant where members pay just $1 for pintxos. Then head around the corner to Mavis Brown's for chilled out live music and a taste sensation – a lime, coriander and herb-crusted scotch fillet. It's scotch fillet, Jim, but not as you know it – it's better, and it's $15 when you buy a drink. Choose from a decent range of cider and beer, or ask the staff for a recommendation from the extensive wine list. Complete your hardcore exercise regime with a wander around the bar, then reward yourself with a drink – you've earned it.


It's almost the weekend and we bet you're already hungry for a big night out. Head to the Prince of Wales, nab an outdoor table and watch the passing parade of people as you sip a pre-dinner drink. For dinner, a beer and a burrito will set you back a measly $10, and there's free live music so you can shake your ass while being a tight-arse. Rockin cheap eats and beats.


Woohoo, it's Friday! Get a slice of the action with a moreish pizza at Banff. This cosy, welcoming spot offers selected pizzas for just $6 from noon until 5.30pm, so fuel up before you start the weekend with $6 cocktails (until 10pm) and free nibbles (until 6pm) at Big Mouth.


Can you have a super stylish Saturday without breaking the bank? Hell yes. In fact, you can do so at a beautiful art deco building that used to be a bank – The St Kilda Branch. This classy converted venue is a great spot to meet for dinner and drinks – there's streetside seating for hot nights, or head indoors to enjoy the elegant interior. On Saturdays, pizzas are just $5.Team some of St Kilda's best cheap eats with cocktails for a guaranteed good time. 


Lentil as Anything offers the best meal deal around – simply pay what you want for a delicious vegetarian feed.

Need food for thought? Head to the bargain table at Readings, where you can nab top-notch books at rock-bottom prices. OK, you can't eat 'em, but you can read 'em while you're having lunch at Bala's – a small vegie curry is a tiny $6.50.

With its classic crisp white-linen-draped tables, impeccable service and amazing Italian fare, the legendary Cafe di Stasio is the place to go if you really want to impress your date. At lunchtime, just $35 gets you two memorable courses, a glass of wine and a coffee, but the experience itself is priceless.?

Check out more of the best St Kilda cheap eats here.

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