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Where To Get Your On-The-Run Juices This Summer

By Sarah Willcocks
1st Nov 2015

When Attica offers a juice matching option instead of wine alongside its degustation menu, you know that the stuff has become serious business. No longer does your pulp free, sugar-laden supermarket OJ cut it. We demand cold-pressed, organic and exotic ingredients to keep things interesting. Your mama is right when she lectures you that eating your daily two fruit and five veg whole is the healthiest option (thanks Mum).

But when the Melbourne weather heats up it's all too convenient to reach for a colourful bottle to combat that hungry/thirsty feeling with a nutrient hit. Just keep an eye on those sugar levels (I prefer to cut my juice with water because I'm hard core like that). Here's a round-up of our favourite Melbourne juices to guzzle as Summer approaches.

1. Aside from giving us a (welcome) Grease earworm, Ayomo's 'Summer Lovin'' juice just looks so darn sunny thanks to a combo of apple, pineapple, lemon and mint. They reckon it assists in balancing out a meaty diet too: hello impending hot-weather barbecues.

2. It's right there on the label; Greene St Juice Co believe that their 'The Hamptons' blend tastes just like "summer in a bottle". I think sipping this watermelon, orange, pink grapefruit and passionfruit juice for goodtime vibes is effortless compared to booking a plane ticket and Summering with the rich kids on Long Island.

3. Bare Juice envisioned their 'Fresh' mix of pineapple and raspberry from Melbourne with fresh Thai coconut water as their ultimate hydrating summer drink. It's got electrolytes! Fresh Bare is only available during the Spring and Summer seasons, so you'd better track it down soon.

4. Due to Christmas in Oz falling incongruously during heatwave season, indulging in that festive feeling without working up a sweat or adding to the inevitable pudding pounds can be tricky. Green Press might have the antidote. The 'Sesame Treat juice, made from coconuts, black sesame seeds and peppermint, is rumoured to taste just like a candy cane treat sans the sugar.

5. If the vibrant orange hue of Home Juice's 'Summer Sunset' doesn't put you in a holiday frame of mind I don't know what will. Carrot, apple, orange and turmeric makes for a nice vacation if you have been hitting those green juices hard.

6. Almonds, espresso, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt. Doesn't Pressed Juices 'Espresso Almond Mylk' sound like a delish alternative to the summer-essential iced coffee? Tell your lactose and vegan friends and soak up their thanks along with the sunshine.

7. If you're craving something different, Top Juice has just added soursop and gooseberry to its line-up. The soursop a.k.a. graviola fruit features in their new 'Green Graviola' juice—along with kale, spinach and apple—and apparently tastes like a creamy combo of strawberry and pineapple. I'd go there.

8. Because life is not all about being virtuous, catch the 'Bustin Surfboards' smoothie at Hunters' Roots. It's a tropical island concoction of mango, passionfruit, banana, house-churned coconut ice cream, coconut milk, mint and chia. You can add an extra dose of baobab, bee pollen, camu camu, lucuma, maca, spirulina or raw fermented protein to offset any misplaced guilt, too.

An honourable mention in the slightly naughty stakes here also goes to Oscar Cooper because they'll happily add a sneaky shot of gin or vodka to your choice of juice. Opt for the carrot, celery, beetroot, orange and gingerness of the 'Purple Sunrise' and keep your adult optional extras on the down-low.

Image credit: Greene Street Juice Co 

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