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BREAKING NEWS: UberEATS Are Now Delivering Dranks

By Millie Lester
23rd Mar 2017

Thanks to our good friends at UberEATS, becoming an alcoholic in the comfort of your own home has just become that much easier.

The first round of the men’s AFL kicks off this week, so to celebrate, UberEATS has partnered up with Carlton Draught to announce the launch of an alcohol delivery service that means you no longer have to trick people on Tinder into bringing wine over to your house at 1am #noshame.

From 5pm on Friday, March 24, footy fans will be able to pair their favourite cheeky takeaway with wine or beer from 30 restaurants throughout Melbourne. The only condition is that you don’t answer the door twelve Coronas deep and without a valid ID, because the Uber driver will refuse you service and you will have to resort back to Tinder for your UDLs.

But wait, there’s more. Not only can you order your favourite UberEATS treat with a four-pack of Carlton Draught, said Carlton Draught four-pack will be the phreshest (literally) in Australia, because they were literally brewed the day before.

So put your feet up, put the footy on, connect your UberEATS account to your parents’ credit card and crack a cold one because it’s Friday and there’s six months of grown men in little shorts ahead of us.

Image credit: Medium

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