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ScoMo Just Dished Out Cash For New Railways, So Airport Rail Might Happen?

By Ben Tyers
9th May 2018

Hey, so, the budget was last night and budget fanciers all across the country lost their mind.

Now, i'm not going to even pretend to try and explain where all of the cash is going, i'll leave that to the experts, but it's definitely worth mentioning the cash that has been set aside for our beloved state of Victoria to spend on infrastructure projects. Projects that might, just might, make your morning commute just that little bit easier—and of course more hope of a train to the airport.


This, of course, isn't the first time we've heard of cash being splashed toward the prospect of a train out to Tullamarine, but in last night's budget Scot Morrison announced that Victoria will cop $7.8 billion dollars to go towards infrastructure projects like airport rail, a railway to Monash Clayton, extension of the Frankston line to Baxter along with other road and rail projects.

It's all a long way in the future, but at least you might get to work on time some day.

In the meantime here's a bunch of podcasts that will help slash your commute.

Image credit: Zed Fitzhume

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