Cereal Anytime Pops Up in Richmond

By Clare Acheson
12th Feb 2015

Remember when you’d go to the grocery store as a kid and marvel at the endless sugar-coated delights of the cereal aisle? The tears of joy you’d cry when your mum or dad eventually gave into your petition for a jumbo box of Frosties? The euphoric sugar-high you’d experience when you’d eaten two bowlfuls in a row? Well, now you can relive those sweet childhood memories thanks to Cereal Anytime, a new Melbourne cereal café in Richmond.

The latest addition to the recently opened Swan Street Chamber of Commerce, Cereal Anytime is the brainchild of Melbourne cereal fanatic (and physiotherapist), Bryan Robertson. The cereal café will provide visitors with breakfast options from 7am each morning of the week and, at only $4 a bowl, we can’t wait to get our spoons out and start indulging!

There’s also a social enterprise aspect to the Cereal Anytime project. Customers can choose to purchase a bowl of cereal for someone in need via the café’s pay-it-forward scheme, allowing the pop-up to provide two-fold sustenance through a community food program during its residency.

While he acknowledges the appeal of sugary brightly-coloured corn puffs swimming in creamy full-fat milk, Robertson is also keen to promote healthier choices. A dietician will be on site to offer advice on the different cereal offerings, and add-ons include fresh fruit, protein balls and organic yoghurt, making for nutritious midday snacks as well as satisfying a.m. options. 

He’s also no stranger to the details that make for the perfect bowl. Milk will be served on the side so that customers can perfect their own milk-to-cereal ratio, and the café will be open until 10pm some evenings so that locals can access their favourite late-night snacks. The Cereal Anytime menu is also set to expand in coming weeks, with Pop Tarts rumoured to be the most recent newcomer.

Cereal Anytime is one new Melbourne café (albeit temporary) we’re not hesitant about tipping for success. Given the cereal café's anticipated popularity, the first day of opening, on Thursday 19th February, will be reserved for ballot winners only—you can find out more via the Cereal Anytime Facebook page. See you there, Listers—we’ll fight you for the last bowl of Fruit Loops!

Cereal Anytime | Swan Street Chamber of Commerce
Opening Thursday 19th February | Monday – Sunday, 7am – late

Image credit: Hi, This Is Dom

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