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Raptors Are Roaming The Streets Of Coburg This Week

By Megan Whitfield
21st Jun 2018


We’ve all had that moment watching Jurassic World where we’ve wanted, just for a second, to really be able to visit that theme park. You know, at least for the bit where the dinosaurs are being charmed by Chris Pratt’s dashing good looks...less so after they eat everyone.

Well this week, you can. Kinda. Over at Coburg Drive-In they’re showing latest blockbuster, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, up on the big screen, and they’ve brought in Real Dinosaurs to join in the fun.

That’s right, you can watch Claire and Owen save the day while Triceratops roam around and Velociraptors try to nab your snacks. Stay calm, everyone.

They’ll be good snacks too—thanks to the food trucks all 'round, bringing you eats from familiar faces like Mary + A Little Lamb, Manny’s Doughnuts, Biggie Smalls and heaps more. Shout out to the guys at The Food Truck Park for bringing the nosh. Now that’s a step up from overpriced, under-salted popcorn.

The event is running both Thursday and Friday this week, so grab your mates, get your camera (phone, we mean phone), and bring your appetite to Village Coburg Drive-in.

Let’s just hope there’s no Indominus in the mix. We all saw what happened last time...

The Details

When: Thursday 21—Friday 22 June
Time: Movie session starts at 6:45pm
Where: Village Cinemas Coburg Drive-in
For more info, click here

Pro tip: we checked out the new-look Rochester Hotel and daaaaamn it was delicious. 

Image credit: Jurassic Park

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