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Cocktails To Impress (And Undress)

By Maddison Capuano
30th Oct 2014

Single ladies and lads of Melbourne, we'd like to pose the question to you: Is there a better way to impress your date than with a dazzling cocktail? Having a place in mind to take your date is one thing, to already know what to order off the cocktail menu is pants-droppingly excellent. You'll looks suave and knowledgeable, and your date will be suitably impressed, which leaves you to get back to getting to know one another.

We know that the dating game isn't always smooth sailing. Ok, it can be downright daunting; so we've compiled a list of the best cocktails Melbourne has to offer to make your job a little easier. Another way to make the occasion a little less scary is to bring a friend, or two in fact. If that's music to your ears, we suggest you check out Winger – a banging new social club that sets you and two of your pals up with three other like-minded members of your sexual preference and shouts you the first round of drinks at one of Melbourne's best bars. Fun!

If, however, you're going it alone tonight, best you head to one of the bars and restaurants below (dinner AND drinks? You fancy!), treat your date to a killer cocktail, and watch the serotonin kick in. Ain't love grand.

Si…Margarita  at The Noble Experiment

It's not just about the shake and strain at The Noble Experiment, as they have an impressive list of bottle and barrel aged cocktails. The aging process takes the edge off the alcohol and allows the flavours to mingle together creating a smooth and very tasty result. While you're welcome to experiment with the cocktail list, we'd recommend the  Si…Margarita, comprised of lemongrass and ginger sorbet, Herradura Plata, Cointreau, agave nectar, lime, pink grapefruit and Campari air.

Georgia Julep at 1806

The 1806 crew have won countless awards over the years for concocting some of Melbourne's best cocktails, so rest assured boys and girls, you're in extremely safe hands. The cocktails here are divided by era, so you might as well go with one of the classics. On a balmy evening, we can't go past a Georgia Julep, made with Hennessy VS, house peach brandy, mint and gomme. Nom.

Pisco Sour at Piqueos

Feel like some South American flavour this evening? Look no further than Piqueos and their unique blend of Peruvian and Argentinian fare. It would be completely sacrilegious to drink anything other than a Pisco Sour here, the national drink of Peru, made with traditional grape brandy. Here they use Campo de enchant pisco, egg white and lime. We'll put money on it you won't stop at one.

Singapore Sling at Rice Queen

Rice Queen is romantic for two, but also ideal for group dates, with an excellent sharing menu and a karaoke room out the back for taking the party up a notch. Your best bet here is to go with the never-fail Singapore Sling; a refreshing combination of West Winds gin, cherry heering, Cointreau, Benedectine, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, grenadine, angostura bitters and soda. The perfect drop to woo your summer fling.

Chilli Mocha Martini at Mavis Brown's

If you're looking for fun times on Fitzroy Street, head to Mavis Brown's for a few drinks and a great feed. Our pick of the litter here is the Chilli Mocha Martini with Chilli infused vodka, kahlua, crème de cacao, chocolate sauce and double ristretto. Sweet, spicy, and enough caffeine to keep you going all night. Talking, that is, keep you talking all night *cough*.

Tahitian Colada at Captain Baxter

With a relaxed atmosphere and a brilliant view of Port Phillip Bay, Captain Baxter is one of the best bars in Melbourne to sling a few cocktails. For a twist on a summer favourite, give the Tahitian Colada a go, made with Cuervo 1800 Coconut tequila, pineapple, Cartron banana liqueur and coconut puree. On a side note, they also have a fantastic 'Large Cargo' list for cocktail jugs. Sharing is caring, guys.

Happy Times at Sezar

Sezar Armenian restaurant in Melbourne CBD brings a fresh approach to traditional flavours, whether it's in their cuisine or their cocktail list. To celebrate the good times of your ace date, have an Ou-rakh Ja-ma-nag, which translates to 'Happy Times'. Traditionally-aged Cuban rum is combined with amaretto, lemon, lime and bitters. You'll also get bonus points from your date for pronouncing it with ease, so get practising.

Lychee Long Time at Charlie Dumpling

Dumplings are awesome date food because they must be shared, and at Charlie Dumpling you're simply spoiled for choice. Ordering the right drink to accompany the dumplings is equally, if not more, important. The Lychee Long Time, which includes vodka, lychee liqueur, apple and pineapple, is a sweet and tropical burst of flavour and an excellent way kick off your date night.

The EDV Old Fashioned at Eau de Vie

If a Jazz-infused speakeasy is more your style, get your dapper self to Eau de Vie STAT. You can't go wrong with The EDV Old Fashioned where Zacapa rum is
served with Pedro Ximenez sherry, muscovado sugar and spice. It comes in a large crystal old fashioned glass over a single hand carved chunk of ice. Now that's classy, Melbourne. 

Tequila Mockingbird at Nieuw Amsterdam

Tucked away in Hardware Lane, Nieuw Amsterdam is a Melbourne bar that excels at late night debauchery. We love the Tequila Mockingbird with Tromba Anejo tequila, Chairman's Reserve spiced rum, Armagnac, whisky barrel-aged bitters and Vietnamese mint. They also have a few different takes on the traditional Negroni that are well worth taste testing while making eyes at your new boo.

So get off the couch, go on a Winger and take your pick of three babin' babes. The second date's up to you, but we firmly suggest one of these cocktails!

Image Credit: Local Haven

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