Could This Be Melbourne’s Best Burger? | The Royale Brothers

By Iro Kotsimbos - 18 Mar 2014

If you're a regular reader of The Urban List, you'll have noticed that we are deadly serious when it comes to burgers. We eat A LOT of them (Too many? NEVER!!!), and we rejoice in the fact that Melbourne is enjoying somewhat of a burger renaissance.

The newest kid on the burger block is The Royale Brothers, a pumping burger bar brought to you by the team behind Brighton stalwart, The Pantry. In the few short months they've been open, The Royale Brothers and their burgerlicious creations have had people talking far and wide, so when we were invited to head to Church Street and try out their buns, we jumped at the chance. Really, you'd be silly not to…after all, their popular Royale with Cheese is considered by many to be one of the best burgers in Melbourne!

We found The Royale Brothers tucked behind The Pantry, on the corner of Church and St Andrews Street, already buzzing; it's a simple, relaxed yet fun space with staff that are all about the burgers (just the way we like it!). Seating is all outdoors and the ordering process is simple – order and pay at the counter, pick up a frothie while you're at it, and then head outside and wait (impatiently in my case) for your burgers to arrive.

And what burgers they were! We ordered a few different varieties – the Royale with Cheese (a must!), the Spicy Royale, the Pork Jerk and the Crispy Fish – and sat in silence – bar a few grunts of delight – as we devoured them all. 

Nestled in a milk bun, the Royal with Cheese (beef, cheese, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo and Royale sauce) was the perfect example of what it means to execute a classic, for-the-ages type burger, while the Spicy Royale turned things up a notch with the addition of jalapeno salsa and spicy Royale sauce. The Pork Jerk, on the other hand, combined super-soft pulled pork with slaw, spring onion and coriander, which gave it a burst of zingy flavour you wouldn't necessarily expect. Finally, the Crispy Fish was light and refreshing with its mix of battered fish, avo, slaw, tartar, cheese and Coney Island cocktail sauce. Accompanied by chips with just the right amount of crunch (oh so important!), it was safe to say we were in burger heaven.

So are The Royale Brothers buns up there with Melbourne's best burgers? Hell YES. Regardless of whether you order a beef, pork or fish burger like us, or even one of the chicken or panko-crumbed vegetarian burgers (don't worry leaf eaters, you haven't been forgotten!), you can rest assured you'll be treated to one of the most delicious burgers in all of Melbourne town.

The Royale Brothers | Rear of 1 Church Street (behind The Pantry) in Brighton

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