Crepes + Booze = The Best Cafe Ever?

By Clare Acheson
19th Jun 2015

Show me a Lister who doesn’t like crepes, and, um…why are you even reading this?! When it comes to dream foodie combos, it doesn’t get much better than a freshly made crepe (savoury or sweet, your choice) and a glass or mug of your favourite boozy beverage. Whether you’re a vegemite and vino kinda person, or a butter, sugar and Baileys hot chocolate fan, at Myrtles Crepes and Coffee in Northcote, you’re in for a treat.

When we spotted Myrtles Crepes and Coffee in Northcote, we had literally never encountered a cafe so cute and cosy. There’s grass laid on the floor (alright, so it’s fake), plants hanging from the counter, and a mural depicting where city meets country filling the entirety of one wall. The signage is handwritten too, and Ric, the owner, and his team are genuinely lovely people who know how to make an epic coffee in a matter of seconds. A cookie-cutter cafe, this ain’t.

What’s more, this Northcote cafe serves some of the best crepes in Melbourne! The flavour combos on the Myrtles menu range from the healthy and delicious to the OTT OMG get-in-my-mouth-now, and the team is always experimenting with new ingredients—just follow their Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean—meaning there’s something new every time you drop by. If the pear, cream cheese and sweet balsamic glaze crepe is on the menu, get it while it’s hot!

In the mood for something savoury? If you need a good lunchtime or evening feed, The Lot (cheese, ham, fresh spinach, mushrooms and tomato, with a whole egg cracked into it) is an epic choice for a Melbourne crepe fix. If it’s sweets that you’re craving, get on board with the apple crumble, cinnamon and caramel option, complete with vanilla custard, or the epic salted caramel and peanut butter combo. So. Much. Awesome.

But, hold the phone, Listers! Myrtles Crepes and Coffee also serves BOOZE. Hell freakin’ yes. Finally, somewhere that I can have a large glass of shiraz with my Nutella and banana-filled delight! A combo to die for, amirite?

This stellar Northcote cafe comes with a fully-stocked bar, which means if you’re looking for something a little harder than a soy flat white, you can opt for a glass of wine, beer, or even a rum or Kahlua-based affair to accompany your crepe binge (yeah, you’re not gonna be able to have just one…). Because it’s winter and Myrtles are awesome, they’re also currently serving mulled wine and Baileys hot chocolate, as well as booze-infused dessert crepes, as part of their seasonal menu. SAILOR. JERRY. CREPES. Brb, just having a foodie melt down.

Of course, booze, great food and a charming location are all key factors for one thing that most of us stress about getting right: Dates. Want to get to know that new romantic interest while calming your own nerves with a tipple? Want to impress that special someone with a surprise trip to a hidden gem? Or simply want to share your other two loves (ie. drinks and food) with one of the human variety? Myrtles Crepes and Coffee is the puuuurfect spot for doing just that.

Hey, you gotta keep it sensible sometimes too, like at lunchtime. If you’re looking for lunch in Northcote, Myrtle’s lunchtime menu is hard to beat. Toasty-warm crepes = the best winter pick-me-up.

Have we discovered the best cafe combo ever? I don’t know about you, Listers, but the prospect of spending the entirety of winter curled up in Myrtles Crepes and Coffee, eating and drinking until my heart’s content, is certainly an appealing one. In fact, I could really do with a salted caramel and Nutella crepe right this very second. Come get me when it’s spring. 

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Image credit: Sabine Legrand for The Urban List

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