This Melbourne Doughnut Shop Just Released A Durian Doughnut

By Ben Tyers
30th May 2018


So, doing this job in Melbourne you have to be prepared for some pretty wild food combos to come across your desk.

We’ve had everything from meat pie burgers, Golden Gaytime bao, Nutella burgers—the list goes on and on.

But what Daniel’s Donuts of Springvale—which is open 24-hours a day btw—has launched today is one right out of the box, a Durian flavoured doughnut.

For the uninitiated, the durian is sometimes known as the ‘king of fruits’, but is more commonly known for the foul, overpowering smell that a piece of this fruit emits.

The durian doughnut from Daniel’s will be available every Wednesday, and while they have unfortunately sold out today, you’ve only got to set yourself up for a week of waiting before tearing into one of these beauties.

You can find Daniel’s Donuts at 819 Princes Highway, Springvale.

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Image credit: Johnny Clow

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